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:)Pakistan Zindabad :)

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    :)Pakistan Zindabad :)

    Insha-Allah we will win against Austrailia...they don't stand a chance aginst us. We are just too good.

    They do have to do some more practice on their batting. Go Saqqi & Waqar. Go Pakistannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the U-19 World Cup in Sri-Lanka Pakistan have won there 1st match in a great way.

    Kenya - 66 all out
    Pakistan 67/2

    P.S I have a message board dedicated to the Pak team.
    Do visit it.

    I hope they win but let's not count our chickens before they are hatched. Aussies are a tough nut to crack, while the Pakistani batting is fragile at the best of times.


      The rain is ruining the Under-19 World Cup.
      Pakistan and SA are both in danger of
      elimination because of points lost to
      no results.

      from CricInfo

      Pakistan's group matches washed out
      15 January 2000

      Karachi, Jan 14: Group C in the Youth World Cup being played in Sri Lanka was thrown into all sorts of calculations after the scheduled four
      matches for Friday were washed out.

      Three matches, including the crucial Group C fixtures of Pakistan against Nepal and South Africa versus Kenya, were called off without a ball being bowled. The other called off
      matches involved Bangladesh and New Zealand, and India and Netherlands in Group B, according to information made available here.

      The wash out left Pakistan with three points from two matches. South Africa and Nepal have two points each from two no-results. Kenya has one point after one defeat and one

      On Sunday, Pakistan will play South Africa while Kenya will face Nepal. South Africa will go into Sunday's match in a must-win situation as a loss would close all doors for Super
      League stage. And this will be because the winner of the Nepal-Kenya match will enter the second stage as the second team behind Pakistan.

      It is not known what would be the rule if Sunday's games are washed out again. In that case, Pakistan will qualify with four points but South Africa and Nepal will be left tied at three
      points each and all from no-results. However, if Pakistan lose to South Africa, South Africa will qualify and Pakistan will be left to pray for Kenya's win over Nepal. Kenya's win over
      Nepal on Sunday will left it tied with Pakistan at three points each. But Pakistan will move on after having defeated Kenya in the opening match of the Group by eight wickets.

      But if South Africa beat Pakistan and Nepal beat Kenya, Pakistan will be sent packing as it would be left with three points against four points each by Nepal and South Africa.

      With either of the two fancied teams facing elimination, fingers are being pointed at the organizers for hosting the tournament at a period when there are heavy rains in Sri Lanka.

      GROUP B: The wash out of Group B matches involving India and New Zealand didn't affect the team as both qualified for the Super League stage.

      India and New Zealand now have three points each from one win and one no-result. Bangladesh and Netherlands, the other two teams in the Group, have one point from two

      India face New Zealand on Sunday while Bangladesh play Netherlands. India-New Zealand match will only determine who will be the group champions as the losing team will qualify
      after having beaten the winner of Bangladesh-New Zealand fixture.

      Friday's match between New Zealand and Bangladesh was washed out without a ball being bowled. But India were precariously placed while chasing a modest 59 to win when rain
      came down at Matara. Having beaten Netherlands for 58 in 29.2 overs, India were 15 for three in four overs - paceman V.Tewarie picking up all the three batsmen.

      Saturday's Fixture: Australia v Sri Lanka, Ireland v Namibia (both Group D matches), England v Zimbabwe, West Indies v America (Group A matches) Australia, Sri Lanka, West
      Indies have qualified for the Super League stage.

      India is pretty much out of the CU series.
      Pakistan has to focus on gaining some
      batting form for the best-of-three final
      against Oz.

      It worries me that Waqar and Saqlain are
      two of our best batsmen.