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    The XI for the decade

    1)Saeed Anwar
    2)Sachin Tendulkar
    3)Brian Lara
    4)Aravinda de silva
    5)Steve Waugh
    6)Moin Khan
    7)Wasim Akram
    8)Shane Warne
    9)Waqar Younis

    Suhail should i post your version???
    Also is Monkey boy on the other board a friend of yours in college or do you know him from this site.
    Also what is this bloody thing about being a senior or junior member????
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    1. Atherton
    2. Saeed
    3. Tendulkar
    4. Lara
    5. de Silva
    6. S. Waugh
    7. Healy
    8. Warne
    9. Waqar
    10. Donald
    11. Ambrose

    I originally had Martin Crowe at number 5, because I wanted to have as many nations represented as possible. Later someone suggested Aravinda de Silva which seemed to me a better choice as he did more in the '90s.

    MonkeyRat is a friend at uni.
    After a certain number of posts you will be a Senior Member. . .yeah, I don't see the point either.


      what about..
      Javed Miandad
      Jacques Kallis
      Imran Khan
      Hansie Cronje
      Jacques Kallis

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        Akif, it does seem as if everyone forgets completely about RSA when selecting teams of the decade. Your choice of Kallis though should rather be for the next 10 years. He is young and only started to make name the last 3 years. Cronje is the most successful captain for RSA ever but I don't think he rate with the best in the world as a batsman.

        Alan Donald is a must for a team of the 90's - he almost took 300 test wickets in the 90's and currently is the number 2 rated bowler (number 1 fast bowler). I think nobody really understand what he has done to help RSA test cricket be one of the top 3 teams currently.

        Other than Donald, we have a number of players that might make a team of the next 10 years: Pollock, Klusener (only now REALLY starting to bat), Boucher, Kallis, Gibbs. And watch the new speedster Hayward.


          Next ten years... well watch out Chris cairns.



            11 for the decade hmmm, thats tough but I can give you a list of some greats.

            Eric Cantona
            Paul Gascoigne
            Gabrielle Batistuta
            Tony Adams
            Zinidin Zidan
            Dennis Bergkamp
            Gianluca Pagliuca
            Ryan Giggs

            Paolo Maldini
            Roberto Baggio
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Fraudia, I agree with u on that list except...pagliuca??

              How on earth did you rate him above Schmeichel and Taffarel? P'gluca can't even perform for his club on a regular basis, forget him being second-choice keeper on the national roster.

              btw, good to see that yet another person understands Rivaldo's natural talent over Ronaldo's tap-dancing.



                yeah peter is a better goalie on the books than pagliuca and so is zubi etc. He I just have a personal affinity for the guy cuz I met him. Plus he played very well back in his world cup apperance. With age and all performance goes down. I unfortunately was limited to 11, which is a very very tough thing to do for football. So many good players out there. Dinn even include one of my personal favs Ian Wright.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                  I agree, pagliuca is a class act and had a good wc. His case is a bit like Del piero's, although gluca has a valid reason for the decline, i.e as u mentioned age, wear n tear. Nonethless, he still IS very good between the posts.


                    CM seems to be almost perfect.
                    Yet, I'll vote for Donald instead of Waqar;
                    & as there are already three seamers alongwith the medium-pace of Waugh, I'll certainly go for Saqlain.
                    Saqlain and Warne will be a deadly combination.