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Waqar Hits Out At 'Unfair' Wasim

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    Waqar Hits Out At 'Unfair' Wasim

    Star pace bowler Waqar Younis has lashed out at Pakistan captain Wasim Akram, claiming a personal grudge has kept him away from the game and ruined his career.
    Waqar says the grudge may date back to 1993, when he sided with a group of players who were opposed to having Wasim as their captain.

    "Selectors kept on selecting me and he kept pushing me out," said Waqar. "He was unfair to me, to the fans and the game of cricket. I have been sitting on the bench for the last 18 months. Is it fair?"

    Waqar added: "He is a great cricketer and I respect him as a cricketer but I cannot call him a great human being. If he has a grudge against me, the best place to settle that is inside a room and not at the ground."

    Waqar and Wasim ruled the cricketing world during the 1990s when the pair destroyed batting orders with the prodigious reverse swing they achieved with the ball.

    They thrilled British audiences with Waqar enjoying successful stints at Surrey and Glamorgan and Akram becoming a hero for Lancashire.

    But Akram insists he has no grudge against Waqar, who took 279 wickets in 58 Test matches in an illustrious 10-year career.

    "I have no personal grudge against him," Wasim said. "The question of whether injustice has been done to him or if he is being mistreated by me in the team can only be judged by looking at his performance in Tests and one-dayers in the last one year."

    Waqar is a problem. He has been underperforming for a couple of years now and then he has a good test match and proceeds to use it to launch an attack on his captain. This type of player is very harmful for team spirit. The fact is he has performed very ordinairily for a long time. Shoaib was more successful, although he didn't do well in Australia.

    Waqar is welcome in the squad if he is prepared to earn his place in the side like anybody else. If he thinks there is a grudge against him then it will affect the younger players who might feel he is using his past glories to undermine their position.


      Waqar still is a good player, the way Wasim used him in the second test was crazy. He was never used properly by Wasim anyway. In one-days only Imran used him best - as the first change bowler - he is the best with the old ball, Wasim always opened with him and as he bowls a fuller length he tends to get hit more but his strike rate is the best. When he used to come on as first change - after Wasim and Aqib his full length ball and then the late swing were too much for most batsmen. If he is a bad influence on the team then why did it not affect the team in the World Cup when they reached the final - he was in the squad then?

      The only thing I have against him is that and the Pakistani cricketers/captains is that if they have a grudge against each other they come out with it in the papers - or as in the case of the captains they try to finish the player off by using him badly in the match. Waqar is crying now to the papers, Aamir was some months back and so many before that.

      It was Aamir and Wasim who finished off Javed Miandad in the 95 world cup - when Wasim did not play against India - Aamir took over the captaincy and a sensible person would have spoken to Javed and consulted him on some decisions - he doesn't need to take the advice but no they put javed at third man well out of the way.

      Imran was a great captain, but in a lot of the cases the man behind the wins was Miandad.
      But coming back to Waqar, he was involved in a revolt against Wasim a few years back and now Wasim is just paying back some and more.


        Waqar's performance has never been the same after his back operation all those yrs ago. But even then, he has been bowling fairly(though not exceptionally)well recently.

        I think he should have definitely been picked in the 14-man party, though not listed for the playing XI. Unless Shoaib keeps his line & length intact, he's going to be plundered in the one-dayers. And even then, if Shoaib is injured, who r we going to fall back upon as a quality strike bowler? Mehmood and Razzaq r effective but lack exra sting, Waqar would have been a valuable asset experience-wise, his australian performances have always been outstanding.

        Even though Wasim has treated Waqar unfairly he should not have lashed out on Wasim publicly. Not only is it bad for the national interest of the game, but it further jeapordises possible later engagements. Aaamir did the same and now theres always extra dressing room friciton between him and Waz. If Aamir is eventually picked it'll definitely hamper team harmony.

        Waqar will always be remembeed as one of the finest fast bowlers the game has seen. But he shouldn't be written of yet, no way. Hopefully the two should sort it out sooner or later, it'll be sad to to see the era of the once two mighty W's end this way.