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Is it time for Akram to go?

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    Is it time for Akram to go?

    I am a big akram fan but I think it is time to move on and have someone young leading least TESTS if not ODI's!
    "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)

    yeah I agree ramesha.I think moin will make a wonderful captain or saqlain for long term.wasim not fit enuf for tests anymore. I don't know.he migh just have been going thru bad patch.he is a legend though...its all so complicated.I think we better wait till world series and see how it goes!!!!
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      I think Wasim has a few years left in him.
      I'm convinced his recent form is just a lean patch.

      The whole attack looked weak in Oz, not
      just Wasim.

      The team was not in the right frame of mind
      for test cricket, especially against the best
      team in the world.

      How can you say his career is over,
      when in the last two tests Pakistan played
      before the Oz series he got hattricks.

      The next test series is at home
      against Sri Lanka.
      I'm sure he'll take a pile of wickets.

      In the upcoming ODI triangular against Oz
      and India Wasim will break the 400 wicket
      mark. He's still the only bowler to have
      taken more than 300 ODI wickets.

      I'm confident he'll break 400 in test wickets.
      With any luck he'll retire as the top
      wickettaker in both forms of the game.


        Good on ya Suhail.
        Wasim is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.
        he has 396 wickets in ODI - he will get 400 in the C&U series.
        He has 383 - tied with Ian Bottoms (My nick name for him).
        Also he is diabetic - and has been sick for some time now.
        He is the best Captain.
        I wish he plays till 2003 WC!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Its funny you would mention taking Wasim out for tests and give someone 'young'. An experienced player is exactly whats needed for the post of captaincy. Remember Imran Khan? In his latter years, he hardly ever bowled, something he was born to do, yet the Pak team rallied around him in a way they never did before. Wasim Akram at this time doesnt have the same charisma as Imran did, but hes the best available. Putting in someone else would just further deplete the level of respect players have for authority. As for the role of a captain in cricket, im not sure it is that big anyway. He only directs around the traffic. He cant make a fielder field better, a bowler bowl better, or a batter bat better. Its not his fault his teammates arent disciplined or patient enough to work out a longer stay at the crease or make an easy catch. I think Wasim is the best option for Pakistan for now, and for a couple of years to come.


            Whatever his shortcomings, Wasim has at least got the respect of his players. Pakistan needs a good team spirit so I think he should keep the job. Unless there is another Imran Khan out there, and I don't think ther is, leave things for the moment.


              Akram is the best we got currently as far as captaincy goes. I feel he has at least two to three years left in him as yet.


                First of all thanx very much for all those replies. This is the best message on Khail Khilari for long time for sure.

                Guys now listen up!

                Let me tell you that I am the biggest or one of the biggest wasim's fan there is. I always defend akram and can not hear a word againt him. He really is a class. But current australian tour was heartbreaking for me for some reasons.

                You see I am happy with 3-0 score line becuz everyone knows how bad auzzie umpiring was and how paki was out of test cricket.

                The thing more painful desite the score line was very very weak decision-making from akram. Even I couldn't reply to Akram's critics.

                You see how he was behaving on the field was defenately not the right way. First of all his predictions of beating australia and than things like chatting akhtar up and all but on the field I am afraid he was very very average.

                The field placing were all wrong and he had no faith on bowlers. Waqar was dropped for no given reason and field placing were horrible.

                I strongly believe that despite Langer's knick given not out paki still would've easily won since they had 100+ still to go but akram basically gave it up. Gilli was thrashing every ball basically to square legs or his trade mark square cut but the cricket brain and the world's greatest leader Akram had his head down representing whole paki nation infront of a young australian.

                Evern indian medium pacers tucked Gillchrist down far better than us. The selections which akram had huge influence on was so poor that I dont evern want to talk about it.

                I can tell you anger is not the way to go everytime. Akram needs to cool down a bit. After all he is not a carbon copy of Imran Khan.

                Now guys I am telling you here that I would never accept 2nd position in the world series. Only the world series championship could cure our wounds......NOTHING ELSE
                "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)


                  NO! Wasim Akram is the best bowler I have ever seen - he has all the capablities of changing the game in Pakistans favor and is the most consistent and respected player in the Pakistan side.