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Is there any point in bowling too fast?

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    Is there any point in bowling too fast?

    As we all are witnessing these days, Shoib Akhtar is determined to cross the 100mph barrier. But is it wise? The Australian people are not really afraid of pace & they'll be happy if Shoib continues to try this; because that will hamper his accuracy & they'll get some free hits.
    Wasim is really depending on Shoib to provide the breakthrough for the Pakistani team. It won't help him & the team if Shoib overlooks the team cause & go on pursue his personal goal. He bowled so well at the start of the year in India-Sri Lanka-Sharjah & also in the World Cup; and that was when he was bowling at 80-90mph (very rarely beyond 95).
    I think he should sacrifice the speed if that is going to give him good swing & accuracy.

    I don't think there is any harm if Shoaib Akhtar is determined to go for the world record, provided he does not lose his concentration, bowl accurate line and length and Insha Allah he will achieve the 100 mph record before the end of this millenium. We should all pray for this success.

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