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Pakistan robbed of historic Victory?

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    Pakistan robbed of historic Victory?

    This is taken from the Australian offical cricket page on the cricinfo website;


    For the Pakistanis, by contrast, neither their fortunes nor their collective mindset could have been any different. After having all but clinched this match with some unflinching cricket over the course of the previous two and a half days, they suddenly lost their focus as they are sometimes prone to do and their bowling - not to mention their fielding - reverted from the outstanding to the mediocre in the twinkling of an eye. Nevertheless, it must be conceded that they were on the wrong side of a number of close decisions and that they will be left to rue one in particular.

    After a slow start to the day's play under griseous Hobart skies, there was a noticeable uplifting of the tempo from about the time that Wasim Akram took the new ball just over forty minutes into the day's play. Akram comprehensively beat Langer twice in his first three deliveries, and looked to have been despairingly close to securing an lbw verdict from one of those deliveries. Then the crowd witnessed a few bizarre moments of action and a testing of tempers as Gilchrist (complaining about the movement of Saqlain Mushtaq at mid on) withdrew twice in successive attempts as Shoaib Akhtar was on his way into bowl to him.

    More drama and the critical decision of the match followed when Langer (then on 76) seemed to almost everyone at the ground but Umpire Peter Parker to have outside edged a delivery from Akram through to wicketkeeper Moin Khan. Convinced that he had thus broken the partnership with the score at 237, the Pakistani captain did not hide his displeasure at the verdict, his sense of disbelief and annoyance exacerbated as a thick edge from the gritty left hander fell just short of Mohammad Wasim at slip from the next ball.

    John Polak


    We didn't deserve to lose this match. Our team did us proud.

    you had been robbing other teams since long time. why cry now. one or two lose is still not going to balance the damage you have done to other teams.


      Pakistan has been calling for neutral umpires for years now. Why is there still one home umpire in these test matches? If Australian umpire had given Langer out when he was caught behind it would have been 1-1 in the series now instead of going into a dead rubber.

      Pakistan showed they are a match for Aussies in this game and only biased umpiring saved them. We in Pakistan repeat our call for cricket to come in line with the rest of the world and implement neutral umpires in all matches.

      Well done Pakistan for showing dignity in the face of this loss which was out of their hands.