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Pak cricket enters computer age

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    Pak cricket enters computer age

    Pak cricket enters computer age
    BRISBANE, Sunday

    Pakistan cricket coach Richard Pybus hopes to use the same $25,000 computer program this summer as
    revolutionary new Australian mentor John Buchanan and the Wallabies.

    Pybus and Pakistan manager Yawar Saeed approached Richard Hunter, general manager of Fair Play Pty Ltd,
    after lunch on day one of the four-day match against Queensland at Allan Border Field.

    Fair Play is the company that markets The Cricket Analyst, a program Buchanan has used with great success
    with the Queensland Sheffied Shield team, while a variation called the Footy Analyst has been assisting
    Wallaby coach Rod MacQueen during the rugby World Cup.

    The Cricket Analyst has been around for years and former West Indian coach Andy Roberts and manager
    Wes Hall used it to immediate success during their Australian tour in 1996-1997.

    "Wes Hall came up and said he wanted to see the non-scoring shots on Richie Richardson's wagon wheel and
    we showed him Richie was not hitting many balls in the 'v' between mid-on and mid-off," Hunter said.

    "Next game Richie scored 150 at Toowoomba and Andy came out and said he had identified a problem, that
    Richie had not been hitting many balls in the 'v.' I think we can take the credit for that."

    The Cricket Analyst details where each delivery hits the pitch, where the batsmen hits it, which balls are hit
    into the air, which balls go to fielders or through gaps and which balls are snicked, hit off the middle or

    Bad balls from a bowler, either too wide or full or short, are tucked away under 'error ball' on the file while
    the type of shot attempted against each delivery - along the ground or in the air, attacking or defensive - is
    also recorded.

    A video highlights package of a duel between a certain bastman and bowler can also be set up, as can a
    package of every ball faced by a batsman.

    South African-born Pybus, who relies on written statistics and not much else, said he would jump at the
    chance to use the Fair Play system, which Buchanan says gives him a five per cent edge on his rivals.

    Pybus had approval to buy a similar program before the Pakistan Cricket Board was replaced earlier this
    month and he will reapply for funding as discussions with Hunter continue this week.

    "The previous chairman of our cricket board said 'go for it' but the next day there was a change of
    government and a new chairman," Pybus said.

    "This adds a whole different dimension to the game.

    "Instead of going through everything the old-fashioned way, just a bunch of statistics and that sort of thing,
    it could all be right there in front of us."

    Buchanan uses video packages to help his Queensland batsmen and bowlers formulate their game plans and
    is certain to do the same when he takes charge of the Australian squad this week.

    "Years ago John noticed that Carl Rackemann was getting tired during each day's play and one of our charts
    showed that he was doing more running than anyone else down at fine leg between his overs,'' Hunter said.

    "So we were the first team to start fielding fast bowlers at mid-on where they can rest up and a lot of
    teams have started doing it since.

    "Another Queensland player, who shall remain nameless, was hitting all his shots to exactly the same spot on
    the field and he could never find any gaps.

    "John got him in the nets and put cardboard cutouts of fielders in the specified places on the side nets and
    he was okay after that."

    Wallaby coach Rod MacQueen has been using The Footy Analyst for the last 12 months and all Super 12
    clubs are hooked up, as are 14 of the 16 Australian Football League teams.

    The Pakistanis could be next.

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