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Where is WAQAR and SOhail???

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    Where is WAQAR and SOhail???

    salaam doostoun!

    as everyone know that squad for aussie has been announced and its a dark side to see Wiccki not being part of it and the other thing bothering me is inclusion of GHULAAM ALI!

    the guy is 33 and yet to play a test....where would we go incase of Wasti getting failed against aussies.......Would Ghulaamm rise upto the ocassion!

    On his debut?????????
    On australian wickets??????????

    wouldn't sohail've been safer option with his experience!
    or may be Razzq gets his cap as an opener/!
    we just never knowwwwwwwwwww!

    Duas are just for AKram
    may he lives long and keep ruling pakistan!

    Akram zindabad
    Paki zindabad

    huge cheers for paki


    PS: I will be going to watch the 2nd final of the world series in sydney
    Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
    Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq

    Asif..make some noise!

    Yeah, you are right. aamir Sohail can play on bouncy tracks and he has done ok in the past in Australia. Players like Wasti and Afridi still have to prove themselves on those type of pitches. Who is Ghulam Ali?



      Sohail has been out of form for a very long time,now. I think it's more of a concentration problem with Aamir, more than any serious problems with his technique.I think it's a mistake not to have taken him to
      Australia, nevertheless. I mea if it's
      form we're talking about then what about Ijaz? He may have a good record against Aus but he's out of form as well. And if Sohail
      was to be dropped then why not take Imran
      Nazir...Ghulam Ali does not impress me at all.


      Believe In Angels.



        the real prob with **** n sohail is that he is ****ed in the head and he destroys the environment of the dressing room. But we could have taken RAZA for GHULLAM ALI

        Raza scored TWO "DOUBLE centuries" here against australi under19 with paki under19 and aussie under 19 was coached by ALLAN BORDER.

        pak zindabad
        akram paindabad


          Pathan bhai ... i appreciate ur concern for the desi eleven but plz try to keep it clean , will ya!

          As for Droppin waqar out .. i think that was a rather stupid move .. for this new guy ali .. i hope he fares well cuz hes been playin for a quite sum while in Q-Azam trophy and sure deserves an opportunity ..