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Wasim plus five named in Pakistan match-fixing probe

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    Wasim plus five named in Pakistan match-fixing probe

    Akram plus five named in Pakistan
    match-fixing probe

    The Pakistani team has been rocked by a media report back
    home that six players, including captain Wasim Akram, have
    been found guilty of wrong-doing by the judicial commission on
    betting and match-fixing.

    Pakistani newspaper The News reported that Judge Malik
    Mohammad Qayyum had recommended that Salim Malik and
    Mushtaq Ahmed be banned and fines imposed on Akram and
    three others - Ijaz Ahmed, Inzamam-ul Haq and Saeed

    The judge is also reported to have said that Akram should be stripped of the
    captaincy because, "he was not a reliable character and the authorities need to
    keep a close eye on him," the paper said.

    The 175-page report of the commission is currently lying with Pakistan President
    Rafiq Tarrar, the patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), for further action.

    Yawar Saeed, the manager of the team playing in the ongoing Sharjah Cup, played
    down the newspaper report as being "a speculative leak of the recommendations."

    "You can't stop newspapers from publishing such reports," he said.

    "This is all speculative. We have not received any official word from either the
    PCB or the President."

    Saeed stressed the team was in good spirits and looking forward to both the
    Sharjah Cup final on Friday and the upcoming tour of Australia.

    "I can assure you the players are not worried," the manager said. "They are here
    to play cricket and that's all there is in their minds."

    The Australia-bound squad will be picked on Thursday. The team leaves for Perth
    soon after the final on Friday. Malik is the only one among the six players who is
    not in contention for a place in the touring squad.

    Akram was last month appointed captain for the rest of the season by Mujeeb-ur
    Rehman, the chief executive of the PCB. The other players were also cleared to
    play pending the findings of the judicial commission. Rehman, who had close links
    with deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has been untraced since last week's
    military coup in Pakistan.

    PCB affairs are now being handled by Javed Zaman, the only other member of the
    ad-hoc committee appointed by Sharif to run cricket in the country last July.

    why dont you leave the paki team alone and go back to india. nothing better to say dont talk at all.

    I Love afridi


      what the phuckkkkkkkkkkk!


        Thats all Bull ****

        Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
        "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


          Yo Smart Asses!!
          Suhail is Paki!!!!!!
          Don't kill the messanger, he just posted it here.
          You kill the ones who did the betting!!!!!
          Like Majid Khan and Basit Ali!!!
          All of them are not guilty.
          Get used to the fact that we will be accused all the time as we are so damn good.
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            In case you guys didn't know, I didn't write
            the report.
            I'm just trying to keep you current.
            Here's an article from a newspaper in the UAE. I didn't write this article either.


            Manager tries to play down match-fixing report

            By Sunil Vaidya and K.R. Nayar
            Sharjah - Pakistan cricket is in flux once again. Team manager Yawar Saeed's damage control kept the pressure
            away from the players yesterday. Especially those allegedly named in Justice Qayyum's report on match-fixing.
            According to a report in The News, the recommendations are life bans on Salim Malik and Mushtaq Ahmed, the
            sacking of Wasim Akram as captain, and fines of up to Rs500,000 on Akram, Ijaz Ahmed, Saeed Anwar and
            Inzamamul Haq.

            Yawar said, "I have not seen the report. We regard it as a speculative leak of the recommendations, nothing
            more. I have not heard anything officially from the Pakistan Cricket Board or any other authority." Chief selector
            Naushad Ali confirmed that, saying the Board "has not asked us to drop any players. We will go ahead with our
            job tomorrow."

            That job is to pick the national team for the tour of Australia. The team leaves from Dubai after the Coca Cola
            Cup. The PCB is in limbo, with Chairman Mujeebur Rehman reportedly in the U.S.

            "There are three or four people running the board, and I am not one of them," Yawar said. Javed Zaman is the
            lone ad hoc committee member in the PCB. The delay in annnouncing the team (which was to have been picked
            on Monday) is because the PCB is expecting guidance from the President of Pakistan, Rafiq Tarar, who is the
            chief patron of the board.

            Qayyum's report submitted last week to the Ministry of Sports and has been forwarded for action. Naushad Ali
            confirmed that he spoke to the board officials in Lahore on Monday for instructions.

            "We will conduct a fitness test on Shoaib Akhtar tomorrow and in the afternoon select the side," he said.
            According to information, the Board is using Akhtar's fitness test to give time for the President to study the
            Qayyum report. Akhtar was originally to arrive in Dubai on October 16 for the test the next day.

            "We delayed selection to see the performance here and not for any other reason. Akhtar had returned to London
            from Lahore last week," said Ali. According to another source, the military regime is closely studying all the
            reports submitted by the PCB chairman Mujeebur Rehman.

            The Ehtesaab Bureau led by Senator Saifur Rehman, Mujeebur's brother, had cleared Wasim Akram, Salim
            Malik and Ijaz Ahmed of charges of fixing matches during the World Cup.

            The Board has asked Sahibzada Ahmed Khan, the associate manager and Raju Jamil, the team's media manager
            not to proceed to Australia with the team. Khan and Jamil were appointed by Mujeebur Rehman.

            It will be interesting to see who board the flight on Sunday next. "The selectors might pick from outside the team
            here," said Yawar. On Shabbir Ahmed's action, he said, "He hasn't been no-balled so far, but we felt there was a
            slight kink that we have worked on. His action is fair now; it has not affected his pace or rhythm. Former
            Somerset seamer Yawar, 64, thinks the age difference with the players will help the team. "I am their friend," he


              Here's another article from Khaleej Times in UAE.
              Nope. Didn't write this either.


              Wasim, Yawar dismiss reports

              By Our Sports Reporter

              PAKISTAN skipper Wasim Akram feels "speculative media reports"
              only tend to strenghten the resolve of his boys to perform even

              "It doen't bother us," he said, while reacting to a report in the
              Pakistan media that one-man jundicial commission on match-fixing
              and betting allegations has recommended life bans and heavy fines
              on some leading Pakistan players.

              "I have had a word with the board in the morning and my worries
              are over," he told Khaleej Times. "The boys are looking forward to
              the Australian tour. As far as we are concerned nothing has

              He did admit that such reports affect the players, but then "we
              don't take it seriously since nothing is official about it," said the
              Pakistan skipper. A Karachi-based daily, The News , yesterday
              reported that a one-man commission - headed by Justice Malik
              Mohammed Qayyum - has recommended a life ban and heavy fines
              on Salim Malik and Mushtaq Ahmed.

              The recommendations concerning them are based on his findings
              that they were involved at some stage in the "shady business of
              fixing matches and betting."

              According to the report, the commission has also recommended
              that Akram should be stripped of captaincy and "a close watch
              should be kept on his activities in future."

              "Justice Qayyum, in his findings, also recommended that fines
              ranging between Rs200,000 and Rs500,000 be imposed on Wasim
              Akram, Ijaz Ahmed, Saeed Anwar and Inzamam-ul Haq as he
              believes that enough material has come before the commission to
              convince it they were not entirely straight in their statements
              given to it.

              Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed also saw nothing much in the
              report, saying: "I have seen the report on the Internet and all I
              can say is that it is a speculative leak of recommendations.

              "It's not official, therefore, nothing has changed as far as our
              forthcoming tour of Australia is concerned.

              Yawar Saeed, who will also be managing the team in Australia,
              said: "I can't stop people from speculating. Since the report is not
              official, nothing has changed. The team will be selected on
              Thursday. "Shoiab Akhtar is arriving today from London and he will
              undergo a fitness test in the presence all three selectors (Col
              Naushad Ali, Rameez Raja and Abdul Raqeeb) and team coach
              Richard Pybus."

              "Shoiab is a certainty for the Australian tour, but only after he
              passes the fitness test," Saeed said.

              Since the Pakistan team doesn't have a physio in Sharjah, who
              declare him fit? "Any player at this level knows he is whether is fit
              or not. And then he will bowl at the nets. We want him to be 100
              per cent fit since the Australia will be quite tough."

              Shoaib, rated as the fastest bowler in the world, was included in
              the team for the Toronto series against West Indies, but he
              withdrew at the last minute complaining of shoulder problems. He
              has not played any match since the World Cup in England.

              The Pakistan team manager did say that he was in constant touch
              with the board, but at no point the topic of Justice Qayyum's
              recommendations was discussed. He clarified that Javed Zaman, a
              member of the Pakistan Cricket Board ad hoc committee, and Col
              Naushad Ali, who is a director of cricket affairs in Pakistan, are
              running the board in the absence of Mujeebur Rehman, chairman of
              the PCB ad hoc committee.

              The whereabouts of Mujeeb, the younger brother of Saifur Rahman,
              who headed the accountability cell before the military take-over in
              the country are unknown.

              Saeed did say that the players are human beings and can get
              affected by such speculative reports. But he said that despite
              such adverse publicity the "morale of the team is high and the boys
              are looking forward to the Australian tour." The manager said the
              decision not to play skipper Wasim Akram (pulled muscle) and
              Saeed Anwar (stomach upset) for yesterday's match against West
              Indies "was taken last night and not before the match," making it
              clear the "speculative report" had nothing to do with it.


                I don't think there is a problem with the players. I think the problem is too many committees.



                  This is such rubbish. The Pakistani press continue to write and publish such junk everyday. First of all, Justice Qayyum is
                  the most incompetent Judge on the bench, as can be ascertained with the amount of times he has "extended" his probe for various reasons, not to mention his eagerness
                  to read his words and see his pic in the papers. He's been behaving more like a kid with candy rather than a Judge of the High Court.
                  I also find it interesting to note that
                  Saeed Anwar's name has never been mentioned
                  in any kind of match fixing accusation, either by Aamir Sohail or Latif....yet
                  this so called article has stated that he should be fined when everyone including the accusers have said they have no reason to
                  suspect yet alone believe that he was incolved! And another interesting note..Saqlain Mushtaq and Moin Khan were said to be highly involved in mtch fixing in the previous reports yet there is no mention of their names here.
                  Just goes to should not believe the press as most of their articles are like the\
                  gossip a bunch of junk.


                  Believe In Angels.



                    I didnt say anything to you Sohail

                    i just got angry about the news

                    donno when Pak team will get outa this problem

                    good wishes PAK

                    Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
                    "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran