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Pybus is good for Pakistani cricket

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    Pybus is good for Pakistani cricket

    I clipped this article from
    which has the best coverage of the
    Sharjah Champions Trophy.
    It is the only site I found with
    photographs from the matches.


    A coach unburdened by training

    By K.R. Nayar

    Sharjah - The appointment of England-born Richard Pybus from South Africa as Pakistan's coach for the Australian tour has created a furore. When Pybus was appointed for the World Cup this year, Javed Miandad resigned as coach in protest. Now he replaces Wasim Raja under controversial circumstances.
    "There were reservations about appointing someone from outside Pakistan," said Pybus. "I don't look at people on the basis of their nationality. As a coach, I am not interested in the colour of their skin either. I treat them all as human beings.

    "There is a lovely story about John Arlott, the cricket commentator. In South Africa while filling in the immigration papers he was asked what race he belonged to. 'The human race' he answered. I believe in the same philosophy."

    Pakistani newspapers have quoted players as saying that during the World Cup Pybus upset them by moving around unclothed in the dressing room. "I had a great time with the boys during the World Cup. I have established a good relationship with them. I feel we respect one another," said Pybus.

    It was held against Pybus that he is a fitness expert, not a cricket coach. Says Pybus: "You don't need to be trained to become a cricket coach. I don't believe in a piece of paper stating I am qualified. What is important is practical knowledge. I have the qualifications since I have been working in the South African system. I believe a good coach is as good as his communication."

    Pybus has plans to learn Urdu. "I want to learn their language," says Pybus who also believes that knowing the language is not necessary for a coach. "I have coached a lot of black kids in South Africa and realise that body language is more important than verbal communication."

    Pybus was born in Newcastle. "I left for Australia when I was eleven and returned to England at 15. I have been working in South Africa for the last nine years." Aamir Sohail, leading the team to South Africa, spotted Pybus. "I met Aamir during the match against Border. He wanted me to help the boys. I could not join them then as I had just signed a contract with Border. The Pakistan board approached me for the World Cup and it was a fantastic experience."

    Pybus feels that Pakistan is the most talented team in the world. "All they have to learn is not to crack under pressure. Unlike the Australians and South Africans, the technical side of their game seems to fall apart under pressure and in big matches."

    Fielding is Pybus' priority. "Fitness has to be improved. There is a need to change food habits. Pakistani food is very tasty but is high in fat content. Some players carry excess weight. I will identify the types of food players can eat. They will have to reach a particular level of fitness. It applies to all from Wasim Akram to the youngest player of the side."

    Answering a query on whether he had undergone fitness training course, Pybus said: "No, I did a lot of personal studies when I was young. Training is made up of different components. Fitness training for cricket is different from that for soccer and tennis. A physiotherapist from Pakistan will join me in Australia and we will implement a fitness programme for the players."

    Pybus feels that his knowledge of the Australian conditions will be a great advantage for the team. "Australian conditions are similar to South Africa's. It will be a tough tour but I am sure if the players can live up to their potential, we will emerge successful."

    Yeah man!! you are right

    I always recommend PYBUS

    He's a good character.

    PakJunooni ka Nara Pak Hamara Tumhara