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    Wasim Akram is finally back in the team.He's certainly the best captain in the world right now , even better than steve waugh , all this contraversy is just destroying the players ,ask any cricket expert in or outta the country , Wasim ranks the best left arm pace bowler of the history of the game.Hopefully he wont be bothered by any more contraversies and Pakistan cricket can take a sigh of relief!

    Sorry to dissapoint you but it seems that evidence against Wasim has been found and he could even be banned for life . . .


      Oh come on NILO dont tell me you taking word of that ATA REHMAN faggot!


        Wasim Bhai is da bomb!
        these paki illetrate losers just dont understand!
        Paki team will be the ****test team around if akram is not skipper!

        I only back paki if akram is playing or else they dont even worth supporting!

        Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
        Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


          Umm, actually no Pathan Bhai - I don't believe what Ata Ur Rahman said (it's not really nice of you to call him a faggot, y'know). Infact, I hadn't believed any of these match fixing rumours for a VERY long time because I didn't want them to be guilty and InshAllah, they are not BUT here's what I read:

          Probe into match-fixing over; findings to be sent to Tarar

          LAHORE: The Judicial Commission, probing into match-fixing allegations against Pakistani cricketers, on Thursday concluded its findings which will be sent to President Muhammad Rafiq Tarar, the Patron-in-Chief of Pakistan Cricket Board. On Thursday, Ali Sibtain Fazli, legal advisor to Pakistan Cricket Board, while completing his arguments said that some evidences had come on record against Wasim Akram, Mushtaq Ahmed, Salim Malik, Basit Ali, Ijaz Ahmed and Waqar Younis which proved match-fixing allegations against the players.

          One-man judicial commission, comprising Justice Malik Muhammad Qayyum of the Lahore High Court, observed that evidences produced before the commission indicated involvement of some players in the match-fixing.

          Despite the court orders, Imran Khan, Arif Abbasi and Majid Khan did not appear before the commission. However, the commission was informed that Imran Khan was in Multan and Majid Khan was in Rawalpindi while Arif Abbasi was not well. Counsel for Wasim Akram, Khawaja Tariq Rahim, submitted that there was no evidence against his client except the statement of Ataur Rehman. He said that Ataur Rehman was not a reliable person because he changed many a times his statements.

          Justice Qayyum observed that in his own opinion some players were found guilty. Khawaja Tariq Rahim submitted that if any player was found guilty, the commission can sentence him or ban him from playing international cricket in future. The commission observed that banning of any player would not be a penal action.

          Tariq Rahim, while quoting Lone Commission said that Lone Commission had acquitted all the players. The judge observed that it was a different case.

          Tariq Rahim further contended that in the controversial Singer Cup, the performance of Wasim Akram was excellent and he took three wickets at an economical rate.

          He further submitted that he also batted well in the same tournament and if Pakistan lost the series, it was not the fault of Wasim Akram as Salim Malik was the captain of the team. He further submitted that if that match was fixed, it could have been be the deal of the captain and Wasim Akram was not involved.

          Commission observed that Wasim was the fast bowler and why did not he completed his ten overs? Tariq Rahim replied that Salim Malik was the captain and team was bound to obey him.

          He further submitted that Wasim Akram, being the captain won all the matches against West Indies. The commission observed that the entire statement of Ataur Rehman could not be ignored. Tariq Rahim suggested that government should appoint a Mohtasib to check all the matches and series in the future.

          Legal advisor of the PCB Ali Sibtain Fazli submitted that Salim Malik, Wasim Akram, Mushtaq Ahmed Ijaz Ahmed, Waqar Younis and Basit Ali were accused of match fixing and submitted that some evidences and statements from Rashid Latif, Ataur Rehman, Salim Pervaiz and some other players indicated that some players were involved in match-fixing.

          Seems like proof has been found against the players and though it hurts, I mean, people who you have luved and supported for so long turn out to be people who felt a bit of money was more important than their country, people and pride! It sucks . . . InshAllah though they are innocent but it really doesn't seem like it . . . still InshAllah!

          Btw, to the person who said he or she would not support Pakistan if Wasim Akram doesn't play - umm, supposing he is God forbid guilty, would you still feel the same way?


            Oh comon guys

            Why the world cricket is just watching Pak only.
            These Auzies, english and all others are involved in fixing games and I can bet the whole world of sports is involved in match fixing.

            These goras are so clever that they are quite at the moment otherwise players like Warne, Mark Waugh, Alec steward, and heaps of Indians are involved in match fixing as well...But the main thing is that their management dont wanna lose this talent.

            Which Paki people dont understand

            I totally agreed that it'snt good at all.....but its too much now

            PakJunooni ka Nara Pak Hamara Tumhara


              How do you know they're guilty of match-fixing? Other cricket countries I mean??

              I totally disagree with the players STILL being in the team if they are God forbid guilty - I can't stand people who would be willing to sell their country!


                How do you know they're guilty of match-fixing? Other cricket countries I mean??

                I totally disagree with the players STILL being in the team if they are God forbid guilty - I can't stand people who would be willing to sell their country!


                  I dont wanna explode here
                  otherwise i 've heapsa evidence

                  Better to letit go..

                  PakJunooni ka Nara Pak Hamara Tumhara


                    Umm, yeah, you have heaps of evidence that obviously the ICC and other cricket boards do not have or else something would have been done about it! Whatever you say . . .


                      to NILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

                      Sounds like you hold India pretty close to your heart? You're not Indian are you? If you are, bad luck and GET THE HELL OFF THIS HOME PAGE!!! is part of our watan's territory, not part of India, understand?

                      OYE YEH HUMAREE ZAMEEN HAY OYE!!!!!
                      YEH HUMAREE BUN-NEE THEE 14th AUGUEST 1947 ko!!!!

                      Hindu saali
                      poori bungalee
                      bohat hee kaali
                      tere chal nirali
                      daal kyoun pakali
                      khanay mein miti milali
                      kya howa hay tujhay sali
                      hum pakistan kay hein maali
                      nahee hein munday koi mawali
                      phir kyoun hay toonay police bolali

                      i can keep going for ever but got better things to do.........go PAKI gooooo\kick some indian BUTTSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                        lol pathan

                        Miss Nilofar!!Quite frankly you being pthetic here....indians always go against us so why can't we????

                        * They called Akhtar CHUCKKER
                        * Told Wasim to shut-up and dont talk about Indian cricket when he commented on Azharuddin
                        * When Mohd Wasim got negative verdict they said that he is a rapist but he bribed them
                        * They accuse wasim/waqar and others of match fixing
                        *even though we kick their ASS several times.....they blame every single loss on paki and still aren't tired of losing to us
                        * they are piss drinkers of their MAATA cow
                        * they still haven't given us $17.6m sum of 1996 world cup share
                        * they are hindus
                        * they are freaks
                        * they smell

                        oh come on lady
                        get a life

                        Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
                        Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


                          Sheesh! What the hell is up with all of you? Firstly, you have absolutely no right to judge me and I do NOT apreciate being called pathetic, okay?? So lay off the dissing.

                          Pathan Bhai, where the hell did you get the idea that I hold India close to my heart??? I think I made it pretty clear when I said that I am not a huge fan of India and it's true, I'm not . . . and I am very much not Indian, if I was, why would I come here? I'm 100% Pakistan and I luv my country and I luv my team. All I said about India was that they were NOT smashed by SA in my opinion at least and I was actually hoping for an India win . . what's wrong with that? I don't support India normally but in this case I was and if you people think I'm Indian becuase of it - GO AHEAD because I owe NO ONE an explanation, got it??

                          If this is supposed to be a Pakistani board than why are you people discussing Indian cricket to begin with? You are all so narrow-minded, it sucks.

                          As for me getting off this board, maybe you're right. I came here cuz Suhail recommended it to me . . . but all I've seen here so far is a bunch of narrow-minded remarks. I thought this could be a place where I could talk about Paki cricket because that's what I luv most but you all don't even seem interested in that . . . spend all your time dissing someone else and some other country.

                          As for the other person who gave me a list of reason on why we should hate India - you sort of missed the most important one!! And the other - they called Akhtar a chucker?? Umm, no THEY didn't - the British press did! Get your facts straight. And they accused Wasim/Waqar of match-fixing? Umm, no, they didn't - our own people did. Get your facts straight. They stink?? Have you even met an Indian person?? Probably not! And they told Wasim to shut up? Firstly, who are 'they'??

                          Gosh, now I'm actually defending India here which is something I don't normally do but it's so sad to see Pakistanis acting like such idiots. You're an insult to our country.


                            People get this through your heads.
                            Pak is a very talented team and we produce excellent players.
                            The other teams can't do that.
                            So we will be under pressure from all sides.
                            But it doesn't help that 99% of the population believes that they match fix.
                            There are very few pakis who can stand a paki loss.
                            When ever there is a loss, the team is blamed for match fixing.
                            These Pakis (remember now 99% of them) rather believe aussies than there own people.
                            I have no bloddy idea.
                            Pakis tend to believe anything a white man says!!
                            What is up with that????
                            A paki in America for 2 months is a hot shot when he or she comes back to pak!!
                            Because he or she was in the US.
                            Utter bull crap etc.
                            People rather live outide Pak right now!!
                            Because the conditions are so bad.
                            Yet these people leaving are the reason the conditions are so bad.

                            Now back to cricket.
                            Wasim is a great cricketer!!!
                            Great Sobers/Maindad style!!!
                            He is under pressure and we have to wait for the offical verdict.
                            What we say wont affect the verdict!!
                            Unless you are bribing the judge!!
                            And don't get me started on the politcial and
                            gov't sistuation in pak.
                            And somebody please put a hit on Majid Khan.
                            I want him whacked good and proper!!!!!!!!!!
                            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                              You paki guys talking to Nilo like that, didn't your parents teach you anything.
                              The first most important point in ISLAM considering WOMEN is RESPECT THEM!!!!!!!!!
                              Next you are going to tell me you aren't MUSLIM!!!
                              No matter what religion you are, this is not how you treat a girl in paki society!!!!
                              Clean up the act.
                              As for hating Indians?????
                              What is bloody wrong with you????
                              They hate us - so what?????
                              Islam teaches us to be tolerant!!!!!
                              Learn to live with people not liking you are your religion.
                              Be Tolerant!!!
                              Don't drop down to the Indian level of humanity (For the benefit of all the psycho pakis how hate Indians)!!!
                              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!