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Bacher calls for more teams at 2003 World Cup

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    Bacher calls for more teams at 2003 World Cup

    Bacher calls for more teams at 2003 World Cup

    By Adrian Blomfield

    NAIROBI, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Ali Bacher, chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) development committee, said on Monday the number of teams at the 2003 World Cup in South Africa should be increased from 12 to 14.

    Bacher said test-playing countries had to support the development of cricket among ICC associate members to ensure the survival of the game which has been losing support in some of its traditional bastions.

    ``At this point of time, cricket is too narrowly based and there are too few countries playing at the highest level,'' he told Reuters in an interview. ``We need to give incentives to more and more associate member countries.

    ``I think we should follow the example of other sports like soccer where recently there were 16 countries competing (in some major competitions) and now there are 32,'' he said.

    Bacher, who is also managing director of the United Cricket Board of South Africa, said Kenya and Bangladesh, which have one-day international but not test status, should be allowed automatic qualification for the World Cup, along with the nine test-playing sides.

    Bangladesh, Kenya and Scotland qualified for the 12-team World Cup in England last May and June by finishing in the top three of the ICC Trophy for associate menbers.

    ``It's contradictory that we are encouraging these countries to achieve excellence and in the same breath to say 'go to (the ICC Trophy in) Toronto in 2001 and compete for a place in the South African World Cup','' he said.

    Kenya's and Bangladesh's exemption from the ICC Trophy would give sides such as Scotland, Ireland, Bermuda and Canada more chance to qualify for the World Cup.

    An expansion of the number of teams would increase the schedule from 42 to 54 matches but that should not compromise standards if associate teams received funding and training to help raise their game, he said.

    Bacher also suggested that Kenya and Zimbabwe co-host the World Cup in South Africa.

    Very good decision for promoting cricket in the world. I reckon its gonna be very effective and some other cricket nation would have opportunity to come up. Like Kenya...really impressed world cricket audiences

    PakJunooni ka Nara Pak Hamara Tumhara


      I hate cricket for one reason.. and that's there's LESS TEAMS INTERNATIONAL LEVEL!!!
      It get boring seeing Pakistan vs. Australia or West Indies all the time..
      I want at LEAST 24 teams in the World Cup, ok.. then 20.
      But there should be LOTS of teams at Test Level and International ODI level.
      Cricket will become more of a boring sport for the younger kids if they keep this up... and going to 16 won't do much.
      They should start Netherlands, Denmark, Scotland, Bermuda, Malashia, Singapore, Argentina, Israil, Canada, UAE, and many many many more.. like SOCCER and RUGBY.

      Will we see Cricket like this for another 100 years? or will Cricket will just die as a international sport???
      Solution - GET MORE PEOPLE IN THE GAME, meaning GET MORE COUNTRIES PLAYING INTERNATIONALLY, in many tornaments like have England vs. Netherlands (Who cares if everyone knows who'll lose) we want other countries to play teams better than them, so they get better also..

      What do you guys think???????


        Hey, we had an interesting discussion on this on my board and since Suhail suggested I tell you guys about my cricket board anyway, here's the addy:
        It would be nice if you people stopped by!