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    Some sad news

    Teenager commits suicide over Tendulkar news

    A teenager obsessed with India batsman Sachin Tendulkar died after setting herself on fire when she found out a back injury could end his career.

    Deepa Vasanthalaxmi, 18, committed suicide in the southern city of Mysore on Monday, police said.

    Her aunt, who looked after the orphaned teenager, told police that Vasanthalaxmi had stopped eating after learning of Tendulkar's back problems.

    Her suicide note bore the message: ''I love you Sachin, I love you Sachin. I was really sad on going through reports that you would never be able to play, and hence, I am taking this extreme step.''


    Don't make any tasteless comments

    Effects of watching Indian movies....nothing else.

    Quite sad anyway!!

    PakJunooni ka Nara Pak Hamara Tumhara

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      Tendulkar gone means.... whole teams gone.
      That teenager needs to get a life.. maybe instead of watching cricket all day, collecting cricket stuff, etc...
      There's other stuff in the world besides cricket.


        What a waste of life. A life is not worth wasting like this. Very sad. Result of too much emotional attachment to one's heroes.


          die piggy piggy die die