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Interview with Wasim Akram (VERY INTERESTING)

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    Interview with Wasim Akram (VERY INTERESTING)

    Prior before DMC Trophy championship

    We meet Wasim at "Nazeer Milk shaap: yehaaN par bhains ka khaalis doodh aur dahi dastyaab hai". Clad in green sweatpants and a "Bellagio: No one in Vegas rolls like we do" T-shirt, wasim is sitting with his feet on his chair, sipping a glass of Nazeer bhai's killer lassi.

    Wasim: aaao aaao pain ji..aithay pai jaaao [points to the chair opposite to him] Oye nazeeriya, O ek glaas lassi da laa Oye....malaai shalaai khoob look like you might not like you?

    RAG: malai will be fine, thank you. I exercise.

    Wasim: (flashes a big smile) know I like to exercise too. We can go jogging together. Do you get sweety?

    RAG: Sweety???

    Wasim: Haan ji...when you exercise you sweet, no?

    RAG: you mean sweaty. Yes I get sweaty but you will never know..let's get on with the interview.

    Wasim: You got attitude. I like that. Okay RAG jee, I must tell you I didn't like that world cup soag maatam edition of yours. I did not like the incineration against our team and myself sapeshally.

    RAG: What insinuation?

    Wasim: Dekhiyay baneiN mat. You know damn well what I'm talkin' 'bout. I didn't take no bribe shribe or kick backs ....hor tay hor .... All the political people are throwing these nintendos because they're afraid I'll get into politics like Immie bhai laykaN, unlike Immie bhai, I ThuDDa chutTaRs veh ..

    RAG: Oooh. Achha. You are referring to the marsiya. Well, that was going to be my first question. You know people talk and we want to get a categorical answer from you.

    Wasim: You got the answer now. I am not a rishvat-khor and I don't have Swiss bank accounts...waisay aapas di gal hai....I don't know about Salim bhai.

    RAG: So what do you think was the reason for our dismal performance against Bangladesh and later against Australia?

    Wasim: kuRiyaaay...what's your address?

    RAG: Huh? Where did the address come from? Answer the question please.

    Wasim: O Javaab di fikr mut kar tu...we can go to your place, light up a fire ..then you'll know how we lost. tharra sharra naal hai ?...bus teh fer theek hai.

    RAG: I got the idea but I am married thank you. There were news reports that you had a meeting with Sen. Saifurrehman of the Ehtesaab committee. What did you talk to him about?

    Wasim: Oi hoi..O aapas di gal hai jee, tuanooN samajhdi ho naa ...he thought I had Swiss accounts and wanted to know which one because he isn't getting enough interest from his current one, haiN ji, sood shood da maamla hai...oye nzeer paai....haik aur lassi laa oye....haan I told Senator saab .... Ask Salim bhai, he knows about all the rates.

    RAG: Okay. Rumor has it that Shoaib Akhtar is taking attention away from you. Are you jealous?

    Wasim: O jee, eththay roz roz navay chiknay munDay aatay haiN ji. I can kick all their butts. Plus right now I don't mind him taking away some of that attention from me. Just wait till Sahara Cup, I'll be back ...

    RAG: We know Imran Khan has long been your mentor. What do you have to say about his politics? The Tehreek-e-Insaaf Party came out with a manifesto. Any thoughts on that?

    Wasim: Ji haaN ji haaN. In fact you are the only sahafi who has asked me this important question. Dekhiyay, like Immie bhai I am a Muslim at heart matter what rumours you hear. I read quraan-e-paak every ramzaan khuda di kasam....and I don't do tharra or you know what wink wink* during roza. Although I do like to have fun when I go to Australia or Europe, I think paakastaan should keep its Muslim identity. Islam is the best way of life jee...zaabta-e-hayaat you know. [Nazeer comes whispers something in Wasim's ears]...okay jee...I have a call from Las Vegas....give your phone number to nazeer....I'll call you tonight honey. wink*.

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