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Hingis vs. Serena Williams US OPEN Womens Final

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    Hingis vs. Serena Williams US OPEN Womens Final

    Darn! I wanted Hingis to win.. she's way.. better. Serena is a no one to me I think.. Hingis should be the real champion.. but oh well.. now we have to wait next year. I like Hingis since she's way.. better looking
    Maybe Kournikova will win next time

    Hingis has a good game, but what makes you say that she is better looking? She is a potatoe face, like most Swiss Germans. Williams (both of them) are better not only in the court, but in every department, including looks.

    While we are at it, let me also point out that US Open is the only grand slam where the winners of both (men and women) receive equal prize money. In all other grand slams, women get less than men. Shouldn’t that make Americans proud of what this country is all about. Equal pay for equal work!