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    It's not cricket!

    I'd like to remind the people who've been
    using this board to insult each other that
    sportmanship should be exercised not only
    by teams but by their fans as well.

    below is an article I got from

    'Spirit of the game' to be incorporated, The Free Press Journal

    "IT'S not cricket", is a well-known phrase which is used when unfair means are adopted in day-to-day life, reports PTI.
    But the 'spirit of the game' has been trampled upon day-in and out on the cricket field by players - a fact which is supported by several past instances. This has apparently forced the "MCC's laws rewrite working party," which has been entrusted with the job of rewriting the 'laws of cricket' for the next millennium, to highlight the 'spirit of the game' in the preamble to the re-written laws.
    Copies of the proposed re-written laws have been sent to all the nine full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) inviting recommendations for approval in May, 2000 before they are incorporated in the final draft to come into force on October 1, 2000.

    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has sent copies to a few former Test umpires and asked for their views to be forwarded to the body entrusted with the job, according to BCCI sources.
    The 'MCC's laws rewrite work-ing party' has also explained that it was felt necessary to add the 'spirit of the game' to the laws in order to put 'something on paper which embodies the traditions of the game as well as the spirit in which it should be played'.
    The preamble, when the re-written version comes into effect, will put the onus firmly on the captains for ensuring the spirit of fair play at all times.
    The preamble to the laws will read as: Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its laws, but also within the spirit of the game. Any action which is seen to abuse the spirit causes injury to the game itself. The major responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play rests with the captains.

    There are two laws which place the responsibility for the team's conduct firmly on the captain.
    Responsibility of captains:
    The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the laws.
    Player's conduct:
    In the event of any player failing to comply with the instructions of an umpire, criticising his decisions by word or action, showing dissent, or generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the umpire concerned shall in the first place report the matter to the other umpire and to the player's captain, requesting the latter to take action.

    Fair and unfair play:
    According to the laws the ump-ires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play. The umpires may inter-vene at any time, and it is the respo-nsibility of the captains to take action when required.

    The umpires are authorised to intervene in cases of:
    Time wasting; damaging the pitch; dangerous or unfair bowling; tampering with the ball; any other action that they consider to be unfair.

    The spirit of the game involves respect for:
    Your opponents; your own captain and team; the roles of the umpires; the game's traditional values.

    It is against the spirit of the game:
    To dispute an umpire's decision by word, action or gesture; to direct abusive language towards an oppo-nent or umpire; to indulge in cheat-ing or any sharp practice, for inst-ance:

    Appeal knowing that the batsman is not out;
    Advance towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing;
    Seek to distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment with persistent clapping or unnec-essary noise under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of one's own side.
    There is no place for any act of violence on the field of play.

    Captains and umpires together set the tone for the conduct of the cricket match. Every player is expected to make an important contribution to this.

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