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Javed Miandad - New Pakistani Cricket Coach

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    Javed Miandad - New Pakistani Cricket Coach

    Newspapers reports

    Javed Miandad, THE LEGEND has been contacted to be the new coach for Pakistan Cricket Team.

    I think there are some good news for Pakistan Cricket.

    Do you agree or not.

    Nisar Malik

    Middin is good!

    magar woolmer can take us all the way!



      That is good, I think Miandad is the best Pakistani Coach in the history, he has matured lots of player - Afridi for one. And I will be very happy to see him coaching Pakistan again!

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        Well, I'm in favor for a English Coach instead like Bob Woolmer might head coach of Pakistan. He coached South Africa for 5 years till June's end. I think he can teach us how to play like the South Africans or Aussies. I would be more in favor of that, because look how good the South Africans are..
        I hope they get Woolmer to sign, rather than Miandad (although he also is a great coach and player), I want Pakistan to learn the "World" style of playing than the Asian.

        KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) -- Pakistan's new cricket chief Mujeeber Rehman has asked former South Africa coach Bob Woolmer to take charge of the national team for the coming season, the Dawn newspaper reported Monday.

        "I sincerely hope that he agrees because I am convinced that he is the person who can extract the best out of the Pakistan players," Rehman was quoted as saying.

        Rehman, chairman of the ad hoc committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), said he expected a reply from Woolmer this week.

        Former England opener Woolmer ended a highly successful five-year term with South Africa after the World Cup in June.

        Woolmer has already turned down coaching offers from England and Sri Lanka. He is to take over as coach of English county Warwickshire from next season.

        "He is methodical and calculated and that's the art which has made him the best coach," Rehman said.

        Rehman said Pakistan had the best players in the world, but that it did not always perform at its best.

        "What lacks in them is consistency," Rehman said. "This is the element which Bob can infuse into the players to bring them at par with any side in the world."

        Rehman was appointed head of the ad hoc committee two weeks ago when the PCB was suspended by President Rafiq Tarar in the wake of Pakistan's loss to Australia. Tarar is the patron of the PCB.

        Last week, the committee suspended skipper Wasim Akram, Salim Malik and Ijaz Ahmad amid match-fixing allegations. All three have denied the charges.

        Pakistan has been without a coach since Mushtaq Mohammad's assignment ended with the World Cup.


          Woolmer would be the best option,
          but he's already turned down England
          and Sri Lanka, so I doubt he'd take
          the job.

          Pakistan, however, has more talent than
          these teams and might lure him with the
          opportunity to refine and polish our uncut


            tum log yeh kayoon naheen sochtey kay javed miandad was one of the best player in our cricket history.
            he got a very sharp cricketing brain he know each and every thing about paksitani players.
            so why did we go for a foriegn coach jub hamary pass itna achha banda mojood hai.
            socho yaar
            foriegn coach will not do better for pakistan


              Miandad will be the best bet for Pakistan.


                Miandad REY par lurrack jata hai, Sometimes I can't understand him, but I hope it will restore pakistan's respect in the cricket world. Its a good way of diverting attention onto something postive too.

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                [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited August 11, 1999).]