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Tendulkar once again India's captain

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    Tendulkar once again India's captain

    Well India have a new skipper... and let's see how much success they can get out of Tendulkar again. Will Tendulkar quit being captain again becauses it's too hard!??
    Oh well seriously I always thought he should be captain, because he's a AMAZING PLAYER!
    His strokes, are so soft and nice that they always seem to go for 4.
    Best of luck Tendulkar but I still hope India lose their every game

    Sachin Tendulkar has been reappointed captain of the Indian cricket team, following doubts over the fitness of Mohammed Azharuddin.
    Tendulkar is due to lead his country in the three-nation limited overs series in Sri Lanka next month and two subsequent tournaments in Singapore and Kenya.

    Azharuddin was removed from the captaincy at a meeting of the Indian cricket board, because of doubts over his fitness after a shoulder operation.

    Tendulkar, 26, first led India between August 1996 and January 1998 after Azharuddin was sacked.

    Unanimous decision

    He captained the country in 17 tests, winning three and losing four while 10 ended in draws.

    Unfortunately, a dip in his form reopened the door for Azharuddin to take over the captaincy just over a year later.

    Mohammed Azharuddin: "Most successful captain"
    Tendulkar, who was reportedly reluctant to take on the captain's role for the second time, will now have a bigger say in selection.

    "No other name was discussed. It was unanimous," said Chief Selector Ajit Wadekar.

    Speaking to reporters after a meeting of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Wadekar said: "We are looking at the future and thought Sachin was the right choice.

    "He has many good qualities, will play for a long, long time and is a real good thinker. He is likely to get the backing of all of his qualities."

    Azharuddin doubt

    Azharuddin's removal as captain may be permanent if Tendulkar leads the team to success.

    After a poor performance with the bat in the World Cup, the injured Azharuddin is under pressure to regain his place in the team and has told the selectors that he would inform them of his fitness.

    Asked if Azharuddin's leadership had come in for criticism at the meeting, Wadekar said: "There is nothing wrong with his captaincy. In fact he is the most successful Indian captain who has served Indian cricket well."


    It's a good decision to give Tendulkar another go. I think Azharuddin should be history both as a player and a Captain, same goes for Mongia and Jadeja. Mongia's batting is pretty poor, although his keeping is second only to Ian Healy. As for Jadeja, this guy is really over rated in my book. He's never been a good test player and has not played a test for ages. He can be a useful one day player, coming in very low down the order but wont be able to get runs in Australia and South Africa, as he's found out in previous tours. of luck to Tendulkar but as far as PAK are concerned...we'll continue kicking India's butt no matter who's the Captain


    Believe In Angels.



      heheh this is great news!!!! The only reason India win games is because of Tendulkar, Tendulkar never plays good when he is the captain, too much pressure!!!! I dont know wut the Indian Cricket Board is thinking, why they made him the captain!

      Pakistan will still beat India again and again till they get down on their knees and admit they suck!

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        who the hell cares and give s**t to India!

        When akram had a comment on azhar's captaincy last month...Indians said

        Now f**k'n just let them drown deeply
        till the get to Bangladesh standard

        Pakistan zindabad
        India Murda bad!

        India hae hae hae hae



          Pathan Bhai,

          Cheers and all.... i can understand your frustration, who'd feel nice when their whole cricket team has been charged with match-fixing, but why vent your steam on the poor Indian team? And yeah, Wasim Akram needs to keep his mouth shut instead of lecturing Indians on the spirit of cricket, coz he knows nothing about it. Indian cricketers may be dumb, ugly and born losers, but please, they can do without lessons from a gambler.

          Simple ain't easy.


            Best luck to SRT. But I thought Jaddu as ODI captain and SRT as test captain would have been better idea. As ManiaX said and I also felt that Jaddu gets runs in subcontinent and while batting first in general. But in this WC, we had different picture. As far as Mongia is concerned, he is there due to lack of competition. But Saba Karim should get few chances on trip.



              Hey Queer

              Your entire team was accused by Prabhakar
              of being involved in match fixing and the Indian Board hushed it up.And guess what,a few years down the line,you guys are gonne get more screwed then we ever were!As for
              Akram,he's 10 times more talented and a better player than any of your stupid captains,so he can say WHAT HE WANTS WHEN HE WANTS and the world listens to him.You should be delighted that he wasted his precious time to talk about your stupid team!

              I walked beside the evening sea;
              And dreamed a dream;that could not be;
              The waves that plunged along the shore;
              Said only-
              "Dreamer,dream no more".


                oye queer

                Our skipper didn't have a say on you guys till IAN SMITHY asked him about it, because they all know bloody Indians dont know ****, thats why the asked AKRAM.

                And you whole team play sutta. Atleast we have honset selectors and all. Look at yous, you guys either need start eating your BHAGWAN jee or bring new selctors in, otherwise players like ROBIN SINGH and MONGIA will be there forever. And guess what!

                Suttay baaz dont wanna contact yous anyway
                because know they all shi* players anyway.........




                  SRT has accepted captaincy. So the rumours of him not coming are not well founded. Try Saba Karim, Doda Ganesh, Siddiqui at least in India. Ganesh should have been in WC (but who knew Agarkar will perform so badly after 'recovering' from injury) throw away Azhar and some more rest to Agarakar.


                    AGARKAR = needs a big rest, since he trys to get his pace somewhere near PAKISTAN's 1000th fastest bowler.......and always end up giving away runs, nothing else!

                    LOSERS get a life!



                      Agarkar was not bad before. Afterall he has taken his first 50 wickets faster than and at a strike rate better than everybody else (that includes, marshall, holing, waqar, lille, hadlee and so on). Was always expensive. If he regains form that was before injury, is not a bad choice.


                        Not a bad choice for Indiansssss

                        I agreeeeeee




                          Yes but Agarkar got those wickets against Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,and New zealand mostly.Whenever any of the Pakistani batsmen face him,he always goes for over 60.He's always trying to bowl fast,which is fine if you have the body strength and thats what
                          he lacks.In his case line and length rather than pace should be the priority.


                            May be AGRKAR needs to eat a bit of his bhagwaan and If possibly than liquid of bhagwaan will do it nicely and quickly.........


                              Agarkar had 9 wkts against Aus. (4 ODI) SL (3 ODI) and Zim (5 ODI) each, 8 against Pak (5 ODI), 7 against NZ (3 ODI), 5 against Kenya (2 ODI) and 3 against BD (1 ODI). So it was not all that bad when he got 50 wkts.

                              But now Agarkar, who bowled atrociously in recent past, (generally 9 runs an over) has lost his place to Mohanty for quite some time and will not get in team for a long time.

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