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Akram Flies Home To Clear His Name

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    Akram Flies Home To Clear His Name

    Wasim Akram will be flying home to Pakistan from England today to meet with
    PCB Adhoc Committee chairman Mujeeb-ur-Rehman in a bid, yet again, to clear
    his name. The Pakistani captain, one of the outstanding figures of world
    cricket in the past decade, has been told that he will not be considered for
    national selections until charges of match-fixing against him have been
    proved or otherwise.

    Akram heads a list of prominent players who are reported to have been
    alleged to have been involved in match fixing and betting, by an internal
    inquiry of Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) following which framing of charges
    against them has been ordered.

    Director general of Ehtesab (Accountability) Bureau of Pakistan Khalid Aziz
    announced on Saturday that they would start the official procedure of
    framing the charges against these key Pakistani players.

    The cricketers named by the PCB are Wasim Akram, Moin Khan, Saqlain Mushtaq,
    Inzamam-ul Haq, Mushtaq Ahmed, Waqar Younis, Salim Malik and Ijaz Ahmed.

    "Ehtesab will do separate investigation into the World Cup debacle after
    gatyhering material.We'll then decide either to proceed under the conduct
    rules of the PCB or obtain legal advice for criminal action by registering
    an FIR," Aziz said.

    The concerned players have been indicted for their involvement in match-
    fixing during the 1994 Sharjah and NZ series. There were two specific
    charges each against Akram and Malik and one combined charge against Akram,
    Malik and Ijaz Ahmed, according to PCB probe committee report. Akram has
    been accused of losing a Sharjah Cup match to India in 1994 by "providing
    Indians the opportunity to score runs speedily through intentional bad field
    placement". The charge also mentions that Akram got angry with Aamir Sohail
    becuase he had restrained the Indians and had taken two wickets with field
    readjustments when he had gone out of the field for sometime.

    The other charge is related to a match against New Zealand in 1994 itself.
    Akram is charged of asking bowler Ata-ur Rehman to bowl badly. For the same
    match, Malik has been accused of "conspiring with Akram and Ijaz Ahmed to
    make Pakistan lose".

    In the combined charge against the three players it was alleged that they
    accompanied known bookies of Sharjah - known as Chautani and Jojo - and
    conspired to ensure that Pakistan lost the match to India in 1994.

    Meanwhile Pakistani captain Wasim Akram has denied these allegations and has
    maintained his innocence. "I absolutely refute any charges," Akram said on
    Channel 4 on Sunday where he was commentating on the England vs New Zealand
    test match. "This is more to do with politics than anything else," Akram
    said. "I am going(to Pakistan) next week and sort this out."

    Aamir Sohail while deposing before the Ehtesab Bureau has alleged that
    captain Wasim Akram is a close friend of an Indian bookie. Sohail "disclosed
    the names of the key players who are not only chummies of the bookie, but
    are also regular casino visitors when on official tour abroad", a report in
    "The Nation" newspaper quoted the the bureau sources as saying.

    The sources according to the report have, said "an indian bookie is a friend
    of Wasim Akram and he (the bookie) always stays in the same hotel where the
    Pakistani team stays on a foreign tour."

    Saifur Rehman, head of the Ehtesab Cell said that Wasim Akram, Salim Malik
    and Ijaz Ahmed would not be selected for the national side pending the
    completion of the judicial probe into allegations of match fixing.

    Akram, who has been playing club cricket for Smethwick in the Birmingham
    League since the World Cup as well as performing commentary duties for
    Channel 4, is expected to arrive in Islamabad today for a meeting with
    Mujeeb this afternoon.

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    what can we say yaar said!

    Just wait and watch!

    aaur dua karo that joo bhee h acha ho....

    Paki Zindabad


    PS: Said yaar I went to your homepage....Its pretty good effort yaar...Keep it up.......your graduation pic is so cute mum was saying ARAY KITNA PYARA BUCHA bus apnay baal burha lo....acha lugoo gay aaur.....

    visit my homepage too

    cheers mate


      Hey Khan Sahb! Thanks for the comments about my website. . .hahaha yaar baaal chotay he theek rehtay hain. . .wese bhi mera hair style he aisa hay ke choootay baalon per acha dikhta hay.

      About WasimAkram, lets see wut happens yaar. . .im hoping they still keep him in the squad! but then again wut r the chances of that happening?

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        owe SAID kay buchay

        GO VISIT MY home page tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

        So unfair this world



          AKRAM IS GUILTY!


            and HomiD is BULLLLLLLLLLLL


              but australians finished enquiery, punished guilty and those players are gain playing or Aussies. Pak should finish the enquiery soon.