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Is new board doing the job perfectly...........

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    Is new board doing the job perfectly...........

    salaam dosston

    well, to be honest with you fellas, I am very disappointed with AKRAM being left out from the side, but I am confident that the new comitte we got is doing whatever is good for us.

    I understand that they gonna get some aussie coach, plus PYBUS as an assistant.....

    well thats something encouraging to hear....

    I hope akram turns out to be innocent.....
    Hope he is.......


    Pakistan ZIndabad


    Well, Right now Akram is the one who is blamed the most for Match Fixing. . .everyone knows about Naseer Malik ooops I mean Saleem Malik , that he gambles all the time! So I wud be very surprised if they put WasimAkram back in the team. . .I dont think that will happen. . .even if all the good players r gone, ull still see me cheering them on! God be with them



      Salamz folks!

      Looks like all hell is breaking loose AGAIN!
      It seems that there's a 90% chance that
      Saeed Anwar will be appointed Captain for the season. He was called for a meeting by Mujibur Rehman(a real loser this guy)...
      anyway apparently Saeed told Rehman that he
      does not want the job for the long term but would be willing to step in for a short term till Wasim is cleared and available for selection or another candidate comes forward.
      Also....there are strong rumours that
      Wasim may file a case in the court against
      the Cricket Board for defamation of character since he believes they have no real evidence against him, and are basing their actions on reports by the ISI that Wasim
      was seen with 2 bookies during the game at Old Trafford against India.

      As usual, things are getting pretty messed up


      Believe In Angels.



        yaar Honestly I dont think SAEED will be a better captain than waqar!

        I think either wickki or Munni bhai is going to be a captain......

        HOPE wasim comes back though eh