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    Squad For Sharjah Cup

    Well its 90% confirmed that Waqar Yunis will be the captain of Pakistani Cricket TEam in Sharjah accompanying him will be your very own BAsit Ali & Rashid Latif. We are doomed.

    Shoaib AKhtar & Yusaf Yuhana Also in trouble. Yuhana has made a 8 Million Ruppee bunglow in Defence, LAhore. . .his dad was a guy who served food in trains. . .so now the PCB wonders how this guy made so much money in just 3 months. . .Its all thanks to Salim Malik. . .he is the one who got the team in GAmbling. .. ever since Imran & Miandad left the team he thaught he was the oldest one so he can do anything he likes. . .under that impression he got a few players into gambling and later the whole team started. . .I still support Pakistani Cricket Team under all circumstances. . . GO PAK GO

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    excuse me but where did you hear about this..
    I don't mind Younis as Captain, but.. the others a pathetic.


      Shuker hai Yunis wapis aa gaya!


        I, too, have heard that Waqar is being
        considered as captain, but the rest of
        your post is apocryphal at best.

        Wasim Akram is still the best option as

        Besides, we have to keep him around to break
        the test wickets record.

        I like Waqar as much as the next guy, but
        it comes down to choosing either him or
        Shoaib for the ODI side. Having both would
        severely slow our over rate.

        Shoaib has more years of cricket left
        in him and should be given the opportunity
        to develop. He'll never be as good as
        Waqar used to be, but is currently the
        better option.

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          Well I dont think Waqar should be captain, that position should remain to Wasim, but its nice to see Waqar fit and ready to play.
          Whats this about Rashid Latif in the squad, yeah maybe as a sub, because Moin Khan should be starting.



            salaam everyone

            Yaar said where did you get all this crap against youhana..........

            He has been one of the most consistent cricketer in recent years..........How can he be part of sutta..........Thats rubbish.......I dont believe it....

            And I surely am happy about wickki coming back........But WASIM is and will always be my automatic captain option as long as he has every bit of cricket left in him

            I have always said and always will that AKRAM IS DA BOMB........
            He is the best leader we ever had after KHAN jee........

            And How can BASIT make a come back.......He is evern dropped from his own Domestic side.......and his fornm is terrible......He averages 28.06 in the 1998 season without any this to someone like SHADAB KABIR and likes of WASTI or AKhtar Sarfaraz........

            To be honest with you all.....Mate, basti never scored outside India or Sharjah.........He made a superb debut in windeis againt furious bowling attack but I wonder where did that young enthusiatic Basit has gone now........He is not that anymore........He has put on a lot of weight...And I frankly think pak has heaps of better middle orders than him.

            Aamir should come back.......Only if he is willing to play as a player.........Not a captain fro sure.....

            Love cricket
            Drink cricket
            Eat cricket
            Life is Crickettttttttttt



              Well First, Mr. Khan - I cant believe the story about Yuhana, but if you look at it the way I do. . .it all comes together. How can a guy in Pakistani Team possibly make a 8 Million dollar bunglow in only 3 months of consistantly playing??? . . . I think WasimAkram shud stay in the team and so shud Moin Khan. . .i say Moin Khan is the best player in Pakistani Cricket Team. . .he is always saving us whenever our batting is "TOTTALED"

              I heard this news from a friend of mine who works at PCB. . . also the guy who made these changes in the team is THE NEW C.E.O of the PCB


                yaar said bhai

                I cant see why he can't make a bunglow........He has played lots of league cricket in england too.....i think if you earn in pounds than you sure can make a huge bunglow in pakiland.......can't you.

                Yaar said bhai, I dont know what resources your info is based on.....magar yaar mera dil nahee manta.

                when I went to paki last year, I was enjoying coverage of pakVE zim test and at the end when youhana was called up for man of the match....he had tears flowing from his eyes and he couldn't say a word.
                I saw determination on his face and I knew that this guy is gonna go all the way.

                In such a short space of time he became one of my favourite batters.......

                Yaar My heart doesn't believe it.
                DOnt know why!

                I Hope you are wronggggggggg



                  Man, I wish I am also wrong!!! But, they are only suspicious about that guy! So you cant tell what can happen. . .Anyways I hope Yuhana stays in the team he really helped us allot in World Cup.

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                    Saeed Anwar should be captain because he is a senior too, and he is well respected, honest, great player. I'm in favor of Saeed, it's his turn.



                      Hell man!Akram should stay the captain.He's the best we have.If not him then Anwar.
                      But thats it.One good thing about Anwar being captain though would be that Sohail would be back in the team because Anwar and Sohail
                      are great buddies.But my vote is with Akram
                      for now.

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                        If Akram is going to be removed than Moin Khan should be the captain, he is the best. I don't believe the story about Youhanna. Amir should come back but only as a player. Waqar hmmmmmm marginal.


                          I dont think they shud make SaeedAnwar the captain, nor do I think they will, I bet they have considered making him a captain and he didnt want to. Because all batsmen, like SaeedAnwar get under pressure when they are the captain of the team and espeacially if the team is Pakistan (coz of all the match fixing). Moin Khan is screwed if WasimAkram is screwed so theres no point of talkin about him.

                          I wudnt be surpised to see Amir Sohail as the captain.

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