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for CRICKET fans only.......

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    for CRICKET fans only.......

    salaam dooston

    yaar, It was unfortunate.......damn bad performance in the fianl I admitt....but does that one day washes out all the rest of brilliant days our team has been part of....... I reckon yaar we did so well to make upto finals.......

    BRAZIL lost to France in soccer final despite being almost a defenate favourite........DID anyone accuse them of match fixing???????

    All blckas the top rugby team in the world never lost a test in whole year of 1997...again lost to SOUTH AFRICA in the accusations on'em

    I live in New Zealand myselfff and people here have sports spirit, which some of our paki people lack......

    Just Imagine, would pak been the winner of the final what reactions would there have been from aussies???would they have been accusing their heroes of match fixing too
    ????? Or firing Steven waugh.......
    well, i frankly dont think so

    anyways, lets not start backing our heroes up

    We are proud of them and leader ship of AKRAM....



    Yeh as they say in urdu ...

    Honi ko kon taal sakta hai ... so my friends we shud try to bring home the fact that it was just one bad cricket day .. and nothing more ... cricket is a funny game ... in 83 india won it out of nowhere ... one bad performance by the windies n they were no more the champs ..

    Say we had lost to australia like the Africans did in the semis ..that wud have been a loss as well we shud start over n try to prepare for the coming fixtures .. cuz ultimately in cricket luck has proven itself to be a vital vital factor ..

    hope to have better luck next time but mind u these chances pop up just once in a lifetime