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Match fixing charges counter-productive: Senate committee

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    Match fixing charges counter-productive: Senate committee

    Match fixing charges counter-productive: Senate committee

    ISLAMABAD, July 20: The Senate sub-committee constituted to look into the allegations of match fixing against certain players of
    the Pakistan cricket team has observed that the allegations, as projected by the press, are counter-productive for the team as well
    as for the future of cricket in the country.
    The observation came at a meeting of the sub-committee held here at the parliament house on Tuesday with Senator Javed Iqbal in
    the chair. Members of the body are Senators Iqbal Haider and Syed Aqil Shah.
    Reviewing the matter from various dimensions, the committee remarked that the over-publicity of the unproven allegations always affected the morals of the team and that the matter should be decided, either way, before the commencement of the next cricket season in September.
    The committee asked the special committee and the tribunal constituted in this regard to finalize their reports at the earliest.
    Addressing members of the team who were also present at the meeting, the committee paid tributes to their overall performance and
    termed them "heros of the nation".
    However, the committee expressed commitment to purge the cricket and the cricket team of the "black-sheep" in the greater interest of the nation, the country, the cricket and also the image of the players.
    The committee was unanimous in welcoming the members of the cricket team and appreciated their presence in the meeting. It was
    also unanimous in its reiteration that the proceedings of the sub-committee, in no way, be termed as an "inquisition" but to restore
    the honour and image of the players at the national and international level.


    At last a voice of sanity in this sea of insanity. We now have a Mujib in charge of cricket as well.God help Pak cricket.