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Pak Cricket Board Suspended

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    Pak Cricket Board Suspended

    The Pakistan cricket Board has been suspended by the patron of the board, Rafiq Tarrar. Khalid Mahmood, Majid Khan etc have all ceased to hold office and Tarrar, keeping with his role as Sharif's chamcha and yes-man, has appointed Saifur Rehman's younger brother, Mujibur Rehman, as the new
    Chairman of the PCB. This is why we are a joke in the cricketing world. These low life politicians continue to fool around the game to get political mileage out of the situation.Who the hell is mujibur rehman? He was a noboby. He still is a nobody.And he would always remain a nobody.

    This just upsets me to no end. Cant these ppl leave the Cricket team alone? Why dont they go get their kicks somewhere else. Like hockey for instance!

    Anyway...thats the news.


    Believe In Angels.


    Dear Maniax Bhai,
    I do not agree with you because the outgoing office bearers were the patron inchiefs of our national "Jawaries" and then publically become the great Wakeel of them.
    Can not you see the defeat of great Pakistani Team from the hands of newcomers "Bangla Desh", from the hands of discouraged "India" and all of great defeat in the Finals from the hands of "Australia" who beaten great Pakis like a club team.
    After all theses defeats, our chief PCB strongly supported these super stars.

    Are you agree with me or not.

    Nisar Malik


      Well Nisar bhai you are right, after all we cannot loose a match unless it is fixed. Our team always play for money even when they won in India, when they became Asian Champions, even when they won the Sharjah cup, even when they got to the final of the world cup. South Africa also took money when they lost the semi final in the last over. India took money when they lost to Zimbabwe in the last over. It is people like you who have made Pak cricket a joke. It is pathetic that the President did what he did. But then he only takes order from you know whom. I think this is a ploy to divert attention from his pathetic humiliation in Kashmir. The whole team should retire and let these idiots run the affairs.


        Right on.How can u expect the team to perform when you have idiots like these around?
        You'r right.I think this was a desperate move to get the attnetion away from our failure in kashmir and play on the emotions of a cricket-crazy country.This was totally unwarranted and an act of desperate incompetence.

        I walked beside the evening sea;
        And dreamed a dream;that could not be;
        The waves that plunged along the shore;
        Said only-
        "Dreamer,dream no more".


          Ehsan, this is international cricket we talking!

          Not your GULLEE cricket!

          Eik rupay lo aaur chuka na maro!!!

          Aray, where the hell everyone got this match fixing idea from!!!
          If any team lost games in 1980's it was poor performance or any other reasonable reason behind it!!!!What the hell is this MATCh fixing!

          People get it out of your mind!
          No one can take money to lose!

          Not the world cup final for sure!

          Its Indian faggs who take money and all
          not our heroes!

          One thing for sure brothers!

          We gonna come back
          and WE GONNA come back STRONGLY!

          Like a wounded lion!

          Trust In'em





            Chinese adage goes "If u win, u r the king, if vanquished, a bandit."


              Dear ehsan

              Thanks for your comments. I think you are crazy for outgoing office bearers. dear think of the time when our great captain with two other friends were captured in West Indies for indulging in "Chars" and "Hashish". There was no man was available to get out them. Great Miandad was only who got them released from the Jail. Our cricket board did not take action against these players.

              Go little back in Sharja. When in the captancy of Imran Khan, Pakistani team reached in the final of a tournament and someone told great Imran that our national heros have fixed the match. So both Imran and Miandad decided that match fee + some other incentives will be given to all players. This was released publically in press by Imran & Miandad.
              Think of the statements of our players before the Justice Qayyum.
              Think of the matches of recent played Sharjah matches when our team won first two matches and then dramatically lost the very next two matches, for those differences reached to no return point between Miandad and so called great Paki. players. Even then our crciket borad took them under umbrella and met with Premier Nawaz Sharif to oaust great Miandad.
              Think of the match of world cup match against Bangla Desh who lost to every one but won against our great national heros in a fashion able manner.

              Nisar Malik


                Nisar Bhai, your assertion that Bangladesh lost to everyone except Pakistan therefore it must be fixed does not give credit to the Bangladesh team for their good performance. If we follow your logic than surely West Indies loss to Kenya in 1996 world cup also means that they took money. I am proud of what these guys acheived and only wish that you accept defeat in grace rather than making accusations all the time.


                  Dear Ehsan Bhai,

                  Thanks for your ideas. I did not agree with you because you are proud of achievements of the team. Being a sportsman, I also agree with you but the way they lost to Australia was not a way to lose a final match but loosing like a club team. Can you say those were the finalists.

                  Our hockey team too lost in the Champions trophy but no one has asked for their defeat because we all hockey playing players know very well about the capability of our team and siasat which is going on in our hockey.

                  But our great cricketers were capable of winning all the teams but the way they lost to Australia......


                    yaar Malik bhai

                    Lets put everything behind, shall we!

                    Lets go out and support our heroes hardcore!

                    they deserve it!

                    HAY JAZBA-Junoon to himmat na haar!

                    WE LOVE you guyz!
                    you are the best!

                    Asif ........cheers up paki fans!!!!!!.....come on : : : : : : : : : :