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Your fav oneday match involving pakistan plus test

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    Your fav oneday match involving pakistan plus test

    here is my list
    Pak vs india(sharja 1986 final)Javad hits a chaka on last ball
    pak vs india(calcuta 1987 series)Saleem Mailk 50 of 22 ball a match where indian umpires cross the beimanni limit
    Pak vs NL(1992 world cup simefinal)inzi all the way
    pak vs inida(1991 sharja) Aquab hat rick
    Pak vs WI(1990 sharja) pak won by 1 run when youns bowled out Beshap on last ball(wat a match that was)
    pak vs Aus(1999 world cup lst round) too many heros for that match
    list is unending but those are some matches i like to watch it agian and agian
    pak vs india(1987 banglor) pak by 16 run
    pak vs india(1999 chonni) pak by 12 run
    pak vs india(1999 calcatha) pak by 46 run
    let me know wat your list is


    Dil Dil pakistan

    Pak plays cricket with countries other than India and there are interesting games in that too. For example game in WC with Aus during qualifying matches.

    I think this obsession with India was what stopped the due recognition of Akram and Younous. Before this trip, Akram could not play with India and Waqar always failed in subcontinent pitches.