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What should be done abt Pakistan's Batting

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    What should be done abt Pakistan's Batting

    In the past, it's always been the Pakistan batsmen who have lost the game for the team.
    9 times out of 10 the bowlers will do their job only to see the batsmen throw it all away.
    Personally, I think Pakistan needs to make a major change in their batting line up.
    Saeed Anwar should be opening with either
    Aamir Sohail or Imran Nazir. Nazir is just an 18 year old with tremendous potential and he can do a better job that Wasti cos I feel Wasti can easily get tied down and put a lot
    of preassure on Anwar. Then the number three spot, Ijaz is too inconsistent to be of any use to his team. I feel he should be replaced by the 20 year old Shadab Kabir. He played
    brilliantly the last time we were in Eng, only to be dropped to make way for a senior batsmen once the team got home. He is a stable batsmen who can hold the innings together. Mohd Wasim should be at number 4, no question about it. Inzamam is an over rated player. He is lazy, over weight, very inconsistent, and more of a liability than at asset to the side. M.Wasim is very very good player. He needs to be given confidence and Im sure he'll do a great job at that position. Youhana is number 5 and a good one at that. Azhar Mahmood and Abdur Razzaq are tied at number 6. Mahmood's batting has gone down the hill since his exploits against SA so he needs to get more runs otherwise Razzaq is a good option.
    Akram at 7, Moin at 8, lil Mushy at 9, Saqlain at 10, and Shoaib at 11.

    I dont think Afridi is good enough to make the side unless we're playing on flat track.
    Mushtaq is a great leggie and it's amazing to see him sit out!

    Believe In Angels.


    salaam Mania Bhai

    I agree with lot of stuff you say. ALl your comments made are on adequate background knowledge

    I dont agree with you that INZI should be out.

    I LOVE the batiing line-up you described there but we most certainly want a experrience bloke in between these young entertainers, dont we!

    Well, yaar Inzi is superb. I know he has been doing some foolish things between wickets lately magar yaar he is superb batsmen.

    What a tremendous puller he is!!!

    hae hae zalim player

    He most defenately is technically in top 3 batsmen in the world.

    As far as his running is concerned, Hansie Cronje, non-arguably one of the fitest player on curcit has RUNOUT % very very similar to Inzi.

    To be honest, I believe Inzi can improve this aspect of game and could be worth a chance.

    We can not chuck a batsmen who scored 70+ against Aus and NZ in worldcup and ended up top10. DONT U AGREE

    Well, seconed thing I dont agree with is that NAZIR being so young and according to AKRAM, best filder in Pakistan is technically not a very smart player.

    But he has got a long way to go.

    Insha allah we will see him in one day.

    I agree with AFRIDI being kicked out. Kabir defenatly deserves place in the team. We do need a left hand middle order, just to get variation.

    I dont know if Kabir can bat middle order or not!!!!!!but he is a complete batsmen, I can promise you that.

    And youhna is the man. WHat can we say about him.

    DRIVES, PULLS, GLANCES this boy has everything in his armoury doesn't he!

    Well, and yaar Mania
    I would defenately have WAQAR in my team. He is a champion.


    all the best




      Pathan Bhai,

      Shadab Kabir can bit in the no.3 position. He is an opener which automatically qualifies him for the one down spot. Plus, he's got a fantastic temperament and I think he can be relied to fight it out unlike Ijaz.

      Imran Nazir is a little most young players but the good thing abt him is that he's not afraid to play his he's a confident chap..whcih is why I feel he can be a great player...with experience.

      As far as Inzy goes.. Well..I think he needs to lose weight...improve his running..and be more in get runs when the team needs them...a little more often

      Otherwise..It's bye bye Inzy

      Waqar's gonna find it real tough. With Shahid Nazir, Mohd Zahid, Mohd Akram etc waiting in the wings..Waqar really needs a break to make a comeback.

      Anyways..Waqar has nothing to be ashamed of.
      He's had a great career.

      Believe In Angels.



        Mania Bhai

        I agree with you 100%

        Very similar thoughts to me you have

        Well, CRICKINFO got a latest news that 8 of paki world cup members gonna retire!

        man it hurts me really badly when paki ppl blame cricketers!

        my heart does cry!

        WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do they do it to their own players???????



          which 8 players can u name them plez


          Dil Dil pakistan


            Cricket-Saqlain silent on eight Pakistanis quitting report

            By Julian Guyer

            LONDON, July 3 (Reuters) - Saqlain Mushtaq refused to confirm or deny on Saturday a report in a Pakistan newspaper that he was one of eight cricketers quitting the international side after allegations that Pakistan had 'thrown' the World Cup final against Australia.

            The eight, including skipper Wasim Akram, paceman Waqar Younis and veteran Salim Malik, were said to be retiring so that the public could believe their innocence.

            Saqlain, 22, was making his first appearance of the season for English county championship leaders Surrey at The Oval.

            He showed no sign of the speculation affecting him, taking seven for 38 in Durham's second innings on his way to match figures of 12 for 110, Surrey winning by 226 runs.

            After the game Saqlain refused to speak to journalists. But Keith Medlycott, the Surrey coach, said: ``When I spoke to him about this story he just laughed. He's young and I think he will have a long international career.''

            A Lahore newspaper, Jang, said earlier that eight of Pakistan's players had decided to retire because of allegations that the team ``threw'' the World Cup final and misbehaved off the field.

            Pakistan's official APP news agency reported last week that the accountability bureau had said some Pakistan players ``went overboard in merry-making'' during the tournament in England.

            Jang quoted a bureau official as saying: ``The intelligence agencies have presented evidence of indiscipline, lack of co-ordination and planning by the management and the members of the cricket team.''

            Jang said Saqlain, Wasim, Salim, Moin Khan, Ijaz Ahmad, Waqar Younis, Mushtaq Ahmad and Inzamam-ul-Haq had decided to retire in the wake of the allegations.

            ``The players have decided to retire so that the public can believe their innocence. The decision was taken immediately after the final and is expected to be announced by the skipper shortly,'' the newspaper said.

            Apart from Saqlain, none of the named players was immediately available to confirm or deny the report.

            Meanwhile, the judge investigating charges of betting and match-fixing in Pakistani cricket said on Saturday that he had sought help from the Prime Minister's anti-corruption bureau.

            ``I have asked the Ehtesab (Accountability) Bureau to let me know what information they have collected during the World Cup. I am expecting a reply by Tuesday,'' Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum told Reuters from Lahore.

            The judge said if the documents were made available, he would be in a position to submit his report to President Rafiq Tarar by July 16.

            ``The report is in the final stages. All I need to include is the July 8 hearing which I believe is going to be the last. After that, I will not need more than a week to submit my report.''

            Wasim, Salim and former coach Javed Miandad have been summoned to appear on July 8, as have the kidnappers of Wasim Akram's father. No reason for the 1996 abduction has ever been made public.

            But Qayyum said the report would be delayed if the government asked him to investigate charges of match-fixing in the World Cup final.

            ``The World Cup charges are new. I have already sought clearance from the government if they want me to include the World Cup also.

            ``Investigating the charges in the World Cup means the repetition of the entire procedure. But if the government thinks that investigations were being delayed and the World Cup work has been done by the Accountability Bureau, I will compile just one report in light of both the investigations,'' he said.

            Wasim, Salim and Ijaz were implicated when match-fixing investigations were carried out by a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) committee last year.



              I think this story is rubbish. I believe the part of Malik retiring becos I think he'd be living in a fools paradise if he thinks he can play for Pakistan again. As far as Ijaz and Inzamam go...their places in the side are in jeopardy so they could be trying to pull a 'Rashid Latif-Basit Ali' on the public. Either way...the only players in the Pakistan team that I consider to be
              irreplaceable are Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar Mushtaq Ahmed and Moin Khan. The others are just flattering themselves!



                arey bhai

                all the batting needs to be thrown out.none of them can play.they should put new young players and then the batting can improve.otherwise we will continue to lose matches like indian spineless people


                  throw out malik haq ijaz wasti and mahmood.put in some young faces and make them play together for a while.the batting will then improve.if they dont change these players we will continue to lose because of batting collapse.

                  [This message has been edited by Sherlock (edited July 04, 1999).]


                    why do u want to throw out Wasti and Mahmood. As far as tests is concerned Wasti is 20 times better opener than Afridi. Azhar Mahmood's allround talents are something very worthwhile for Pak team.


                      well afridi and wasti should both go out.afridi cant do anything right and wasti is suspect with the bouncer.azhar has not scored runs at all he should therefore be dropped so he gets a kick up his one should think they have a cemented place because if they think that they will end up like azharuddin and india which means,they will become a pathetic side!!!!!!



                        I think it would be nice to have Aamir sohail back in the side.I like Aamir a lot.His attitude is really refreshing.He's willing to take it to the opposition and that for me,is the sign of a player who would do anything to win for his country.I hope he can settle his problems with the board and return to play because he really is a terrific player.


                          Sohail and Akram.. tsk, tsk.. bad combination..
                          Wasti is a test player.. not ODI, you can't expect much from him in a ODI most of the time. Afridi is more of a ODI player. Is this line up for a test match or ODI?
                          Having Mohd. Wasim is a good choice and I like Razzaq more at the top.. 3rd? remember that one match he did very good and he did it again and again at 3rd. Too bad Youhana wasn't very good at more on the top.. or he'd get even more runs. Mahmood should go more down.. I like him in tests.. Moin should move to 6th.. 7th Wasim and 8th Mahmood..
                          Imran Nazir is kind of.. I don't know.. got luckey that one game, I don't expect much from him yet, maybe later in years to come.


                            First half of the team(world cup 1999) must be fired and new talents must me sought.

                            Second half(the lower order/bowlers)must learn how to bat coz they always have to bat and batsman dont have to bowl always.

                            Fata Morgana



                              Just to follow up on what I've been posting, I feel Aamir Sohail is a good player to have in the side however I agree that he will never be able to find a place in the team because of his problems with Wasim. Although I like Aamir, I think Wasim is far more valuable that Aamir so unless he can resolve his disputes with Wasim, Aamir is basically a goner
                              As for Imran Nazir, he's a good young player. He's very strong on the off side, and can play the cut shot and the cover drive with ease. His only weak point as far as technique is concerned, is that he does not move across while playing the pull or hook. He tends to stand where he is and have a wild swing. So thats what he needs to work on. To move across and transfer all the weight onto the backfoot while going for the pull or hook.

                              Btw, I think this side is pretty good for both one day games and Test Matches. I dont really see Afridi getting into either side.
                              He's good in small doses. Nothing else.
                              Maybe you could drop a spinner and put in Razzaq for the one days or something....
                              Also, isent Moin better coming in after Wasim....?

                              Believe In Angels.