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SLAP on critic's face.................

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    SLAP on critic's face.................

    salaam sub ko

    read this yaaroon
    this is slap on the face of our crazy nation who are not forgiving our heroes because they came 2nd!

    Look at indians
    the got canned and still stupid Indians are happy!

    read here how our true warriors fought and what are they getting out of it.........


    Physiotherapist Dr Dan Kiesel said here on Thursday that psychological pressure was so much that all the Pakistani players could not sleep a night before the final of the seventh World Cup at Lord's.

    He said that wicket-keeper / batsman Moin Khan fractured his finger and he played heroically during the tournament after having injections. Ejaz Ahmad also injured his finger. He also played after being injected but unfortunately, he could not play to his potential.

    Inzamam-ul-Haq injured his fingers while affecting some brilliant catches. He batted after treatment and in some matches he played brilliantly despite being in great pain. He was hit by the opposing bowlers in his rib-cage and on toes on some occasions. But at no stage, he shied away from playing. In some matches he played while he was injured.

    "I assure you no one is more sad than Inzamam himself after a poor performance. He is an excellent team man. I have seen him crying in the dressing room after failing in a match!" said Dan Kiesel.

    Captain Wasim Akram guided the team throughout the tournament in an excellent manner. He was shivering in bed due to fever before one match.

    However, he mustered courage, braved the illness and went on to win the match next day. Wasim Akram led the team so well that it topped in the group league.

    Thereafter, it also topped in the Super Sixes stage and then outplayed New Zealand in the semi-final. It was sheer bad luck that the team could not come off in the all-important match of the tournament

    All these stupid criticism hurts me more than 20th of JUNE!

    when would our people understand!
    when would our people realize!
    when would they cut this silly behaviour!

    May be they waiting for another millineum to go by........

    May be



    Now they will say that because the physio is a jew he was paid by the jewish lobby to make these statements. You can't satisfy our silly nation. Still the majority has not come out against them.


      Man, Pkis are soo damn stupid!! They can't accept defeat! OUr awesome team tried their best, but no one cares how much people try, i guess it's only winning that counts!?! I hope none of them retire so we can have the same awesome team to try for the cup in 2003!



        I also hope that Wasim stays fit and is able
        to captain Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup.

        I know it is wishful thinking.
        He would be almost 37.

        But Imran was 39 when he won.
        When Imran won in 1992 it was his 5th
        World Cup and his 3rd time as captain.

        If Wasim sticks around it will also be his
        5th World Cup and 3rd time as captain.


          Akram will be around if the politics played by ex test players and current journalists does not lead him to quit.It all depends on that.

          I walked beside the evening sea;
          And dreamed a dream;that could not be;
          The waves that plunged along the shore;
          Said only-
          "Dreamer,dream no more".