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English Women vs. Indian Women NOT INTERESTING

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    English Women vs. Indian Women NOT INTERESTING

    Well sorry if I'm being sexiest here.. but I'm sorry.. but what's so good in seeing women play cricket?
    I for one.. ain't found of it.. and watched the New Zealand vs. Kent match..
    Although I don't know even know what test match this is for the women.. but I just hope England wins! Women.. I'm sorry.. but sports with you besides tennis is not interesting.. FOR ME!

    Well Kent vs. New Zealand, looks like Kent did not that good one it's first innings with a 201 while New Zealand.. now they seem to be going really good...

    Women's soccer was bad, in fact was good in parts. Soccer needs much more fitness than Cricket. In tennis, there are people like Stefi Graf who will definitely defeat most of males. Again tennis requires lot of fitness. I am sure if women's cricket gets more popular we will have some female cricket stars.