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Michael Schumacher Injured at Silverstone

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    Michael Schumacher Injured at Silverstone

    Michael Schumacher was badly hurt in a high speed crash at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix.He was over-taking his team mate
    Irvine,when he lost all traction in his brakes and locked up,skidding right into the tyre wall.He was air lifted to the hospital and has suffered a break in his right leg as well as chest injuries.Read on

    Latest news on Michael's injuries

    will be out of
    Grand Prix
    racing for six to
    eight weeks
    according to
    Ferrari sources.

    The German has broken the
    tibia and fibia, the two lower bones on his right leg, after an accident on the first lap of
    the British Grand Prix while he was battling for third
    place with his team-mate
    Eddie Irvine.

    That means he will miss at
    least three races and maybe
    even as many as five -
    almost certainly destroying
    hopes of Ferrari's first
    championship win in 20

    I was bitterly disappointed on shumacher's
    loss. I think he was under pressure from MclLaren, and pushed himself too much. However, crash seemed to be the result of mechanical malfunction than human error.
    It's quite obvious that team Mclaren Mercedes doesn't have a solid apponent anymore, and will likely win the F1 championship for the second straight season.



      Bad News for Ferrari.

      Michael is out for 4 races and has more or less lost the chance to become World Champion
      1999.Ferrari are looking for a replacement.
      Rumour has it that Jean Alesi may be asked to step in.I cant believe that!Could'nt they find anyone better than Alesi


        Ferrari recruited Mika Salo of Finland as their No.3 driver to replace Shumacher temporarily. Team Ferrari is still two points ahead of West Mclaren Mercedes. Austrian grand-prix will be the litmus test for ferrari's depth, ..good luck.