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    Pakistani Cricket Team

    there have been rumors going around that the Pakistani Cricket Team set matches during the World Cup. The matches that were said to have been set were the matches against Bangladesh, Inia, and the World Cup Final against the Aussies. I think the real problem is that we can't accept the fact that our excellent team was able to lose o the Aussies with such a low score! I mean, after all, they won the game by 8 wickets in only 20 overs!! I don't think it was right for the Pakist to insult and beat up a team comprising mostly of mostly youngsters who reached the final and instead of praising their performance, the Pakis are levelling baseless accusations. Think aobut it, when Imran Khan didn't make it to the Finals, they accused him of match fixing. But, of course when he won the World Cup, they didn't acuse him!!! PAKIS ARE MESSED UP!!!

    yaar cricket

    wo cares about them!

    we love them and support them
    thats all counts!

    baywafaee is the fitrat of pakis!

    its was good to see board calling for legal action against people accusing our super heroes!

    doesn't matter what people say !

    to me pak did the very best!
    and I am proud of you GUYS!

    paki public would have been better off i guess with amir sohail leading the team to victory over india and bd and come last in super six!

    I am sure they would have been happier!
    they deserve it!

    they dont deserve someone as great skipper as akram as!

    who knows if cricket world would every see cricketer like him or not!
    I doubt it!

    He is the Man!
    a real man

    un like hairy amir sohail!



      Yeah, I agree w/you Asif, our Paki team is awesome, and I love them, and that's all that really matters!!