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Wasim Akram denies all allegations put against his team

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    Wasim Akram denies all allegations put against his team

    Wasim denied all allegations when he played his first match for a new club. A spy has said that he can prove that the Pakistani team spent the World Cup period womanising, drinking and spending nights in night clubs gambling and that they just threw away the final. Wasim has denied these alegations, that they performed badly on purpose including Ijaz Ahmed breaking curfew and staying at night club till 3am, the day of the final.
    Wasim should return to Pakistan to attend to the trial of the match fixing allegations against them.
    What is true and what is not?

    Did any one ever accept the allegations including Mr. Clinton?


      Why is it that allegations against the team only surfaces when we loose. If Pakistan had won the final than there would have been no allegations at all. Why can't we accept that our team is also human and can loose. Did the South Africans loose the semi final deliberately. Imagine if Pakistan had lost the semi final requiring one run from four balls. We would have probably hanged all the players by now. As a nation we need to grow up and accept defeats. I for one is proud of their acheivements during this season. They drew with India in India, won the Asian championship, won the one day series in India and than the pepsi cup in Sharjah, and reached the final of the world cup final. Ok they had an off day, but that can happen to any team. I think we should be ashamed of our treatment of our team.


        niluhussain ji

        These allegation are nothing but to promote themselves. There is nothing like MATCH FIXING etc.

        It was a bad day for Pak Cricket Team. Thats all. You played bad you deserve the same.

        Night Club etc business, I feel if Pkaistan could win the Cup then whole of the team should have gone to the NIGHT CLUBS etc...and nobody in Islamic Republic of Pakistan should have raised the FINGER.....!!!!!!

        In the arithmetic of love,
        one plus one equals everything,
        and two minus one equals nothing.