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    women in sports

    hi to all you sports fans

    i wanted to ask about women in sports in pakistan. does this exist at a national level? im guessing no since i have never heard of such. i know my mommy used to play sports in her college way back when. do they have special sports clubs for women in pakistan, atleast? hmmmm? oh and what do you think about women in sports? even if its all women, and all women who watch. i guess that would be too tough at a national level.

    i like playing badminton and basketball and tennis but i only play with my brothers. i think its sad that more girls dont participate in healthy sport activities. they aught to make a special womans sports center for us(i dont mean regular gym).

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    Munniadab....i did hear that there is girl badminton team which participate in the world events,but never heared they won.....I dont know how far it is true...
    nana muna bacha teri muthe ma kiya hai



      HeLu Munni
      UmMmm I don't really know if it exist at a national level (koi aghe ane de 'tooo na!)
      But I do know that there are sports clubs and societies, like back in Lahore my aunt and her friend use to run a tennis club,
      and when I went to Pakiland some years ago my couz took me to a Swimming club
      (It was amazingggg..and boooootiful..
      girlz were good, eh funny I never emagined Paki girls\aunties in a pool)
      and there 'are' gyms etc..professional aerobic classes, I WAS SOOO IMPRESSED!!!

      no daubt..L(a)oooor(e) Loor 'i 'eeee
      But let the ppl spiiiiik up in the forum, I wana know things toooo..

      yeah-yeah, agree we should make others paricipate as well....I love sports, and being active is part of Me..aour Munni sahiba aap se mill ker, dheeron khushi hoi
      (aaj kall ankle fracture hai..*sniff-sniff* and It's awful..I misssss the gym)

      Have u every played handball? (not basket)
      I was an active handball player (quit last year) and now I'm just a part time aerobic instructor (gona leave that much stress)
      atcha allahafiz


        Err....yes we DO have sport event for women in Pakistan (since i live here). We've inter-college school/college competitions and other events too. Infact the girls of MY city r very active in sports
        And we also have this national womens cricket team. hehehe. Oops. sorry for laughing