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Its the captain's fault

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    Its the captain's fault

    yep, right from the beginning, he openned his big mouth and then kept it open till aussies kick his ass @ Lord's. The moment WC bean, Wasim start bragging about his team imaginary capabilities, creating fairy tales about his boys' talent, euphoria where these young kids started believin that they have already won the cup -> Over Confident!

    Captaincy is not just about bragging. Even a guy off the street can tell it that a moist pitch means a lot of swing. If Wasim thinks he's got the best bowling attack in the world, why that dumbo failed to avail that chance. Kicking out teams like Zimb or NZ and then shouting "we got the best batsman in the world, Saeed and Ijaz have got their form back, blah, blah blah...."

    Then comes the doomsday for self proclaimed best bowling attack in the world. If ausies can restrict Pak to mere 132, then how come the best bowling attack in the world let the ausie kept an avg of about 7 runs/over pretty much throughout the inning???
    Then there's our much hyped 100 mph where close to even 98 mph, giving his tournament best of 37 off 4 over, no wicket...lookin like a lost ghost on the pitch...whata buch of fools. They really deserve this dreadful insult...only hope they would learn one thing out if -> [b]live with the ground realities, instead of day dreaming[b]

    I hope they'd come out much better equipped and matured 4 yrs later....

    I bet if he'd bowled first.. and still lost the match. You'd be pissing your pants. I'd like to see you face media, make desicions, etc.. poor Wasim! Your thoughts are like a typical Pakistani.
    I'd have to agree with you about Shoaib, he's worthless, Waqar is the one they should have picked. I don't know why though.. don't know why..
    But Wasim is good captain, he knows when he's wrong and right, not a "poor sport", and acknoledges others. If he'd won the World Cup, you maybe.. and everyone else in Pakistan would have gone crazy.. and said.. "I knew it from the first day.. he could do it".
    Are you a Aamir Sohail fan? Aamir couldn't even win us a test in Zimbabwe! Doesn't have a personallity like Wasim. Only plays in Pakistan no county cricket.


      You can't go round looking for excuses now. The truth is that Wasim is one of the best captains in this world cup. All he was trying to do was encourage his players as this most of the players first world cup final. The truth is inexpeerience let them down.


        well off course if Wasim had led the team to the victory stand, I'd be praising him from the bottom of my heart...why not give the due credit??? so by the same token he's responsible for ass kicks as well!!He's a good captain but still he needs to learn a lot to keep cool in all conditions. Infact he was the only captain to brag that they'r goin' to win the cup!! You don't encrouge your teammates by putting whole lot of pressure on them, throwin' them in the media limelight specially when half of the team is under 25.

        Who the hell is talking about Amir Sohail, you idiot??? wake up!!

        And yeah I know he can do it, anyone can do it, only if he can keep his cools!! Thats the key to success, not carried away by hypes and fairy tales.

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          Shoiab was one of the players of the tournament and really made the world cup come alive. I have no idea how anyone can suggest that Waqar should have played in his place because Waqar was getting hammered by county players in England not so long ago, he has cleary lost it. I would love to see the old Waqar back but I doubt if we ever will, he is too old now (he is probably same age as Wasim - not officially though). Shoiab like everyone else will learn from this and become one of the best in the world. We had a bad day guys, it happens it was a very tense situation and the Aussies were best equipped to deal with it. The best team on the day won.


            Waqar is 27 or maybe 28 now..


              Camille dear,
              all other things aside, about Shoaib I don't know whether u've seen him in action or not. But there's one thing sure, with his present bowling style, he's not gonna last longer than 2-3 yrs. He'll soon start getting injuries and will be thing of past before anyone would notice it. His action doesn't allow him to produce any swing in his deliveries either. You can't count on pace for ever, once the batsman gets settle down, he can smoke him off quite easily as it happened in final cuz ausies had already played him before. The guy is just acting fool by giving statements like he likes to scare the batsman with his pace...yeah sure. His avg. of 3/55 against SA, India and NZ speaks itself of how much batsmen were scared of his pace.

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                Shoaib Akhtar is the real deal. Don't judge him on one or two matches in the world cup. He is a test bowler who has adjusted quite well to perform in one day cricket. He has won Pakistan matches in both formats, this World Cup included. Don't let disappointment cloud your judgement. Most teams would give their right arms for a Shoaib Akhtar.

                I agree with you that with his action he will not last that long. All the more reason to enjoy it while it lasts.



                  I actually went to all of Paks super sixes matches and was fortunate enough to have seats behind the bowlers arm and witness the experience first hand. I agree with you that he may not have a very long career with his bowling action (as is the case with Waqar) but as he says he is going to bowl as fast as he can for the time he is around for! As for swing, well ask Steve Waugh if Shoiab gets any swing! He shattered his stumps with a lovely swinging delivery at Leeds in the first round matches. The ball (leg stump yorker) that got Fleming out in the semis is seen as one of the best ball ever bowled by some commontators. He is actually beating top class batsmen like Tendulkar on dead pitches for pace, you don't get these kind of bowlers everyday. He was expensive but his job was to get wickets and get them quick which he did apart from the final, as Wasim said he does'nt want him to bowl line and length 10 overs none for 30, he wants him to rip out the top order of any team. The situation in the final was completely different with only 132 to defend and a very attacking field set, what can you expect from that?

                  Pak lost the final because of poor batting and not poor bowling, Pak are known to have the best bowling in the world no doubt but you need a total to defend.
                  So sit back and watch Shoiab set the world on fire, especially in test matches, which in my opinion is a true test of any great player.


                    Our hypocracy and "Thaali ka Bengaan" attitude amazes me everytime. These are the same players that we worshipped all throughout the tournament. Now, that they had a bad day at the wrong time, instead of offering consolations, we offer alloo temaater.



                      A bad day?? whata lame the game one more time and compare it with the semifinal b/w SA and ausies and see what it means to say a bad day! just don't pick the lines like a blind dumbhead.

                      This is the statement Wasim gave just a day before final showing his attitudes and professional manners:

                      We don't have to think the opposition is tough - just that we are better than them
                      what captain on earth would brag like this and then crumble like old dead horses??

                      With records of humiliation in just matters of few hours, like Extras being the highest scorer, lowest score of WC final, an average of 6.6 runs/over with the 'best bowling attack'...what kinda reaction he expects from his country fellow??? Jubilation, rose petal welcome?? specially in the light of his above statement!!

                      follow the game, not the smarty



                        I do think your being a bit harsh here, I agree they played crap in the fianl and should of done better. But Pak have always been a volatile team, either brilliant or rubbish - they have to work at being consistent. SA were unlucky Pak played badly big difference. As for the comments by Wasim, well there were a number of other comments by Steve Waugh as well which are all part of the mind games which go on before any final. - Don't really mean anything. Wasim is regarded as one of the best captains around in the world and has done very well to get such a young team to the fianl of the world cup. As the Aussies said afterwards it was the young players who were the weak link and they were fully exposed due to their inexperience.
                        We should proud they Pak got to the final and played such brilliant cricket - they were a joy to watch. But like our cricket our supporters are pretty inconsistent, give all when winning and nothing when losing.



                          exactly my point...with a bag full of young players, he should have been keeping a low profile intead of big mouthing, making the boys daydreaming of world champs. even before taking the first hit in final. Thats why they couldn't take the heat.
                          Reaction back home is not for losing the game but I guess mostly at the colossal failure of the team...

                          for me being harsh, I guess yeah, may be cuz I had to wake up 4 in morning and even worse, I was the only Paki in the group I went with to see the final, rest were Bangl. and indians so Iam still tryin' to swallow the bitterness


                            KK - Wasim's not pyscic you know.. he can't predict the future, he's just a cricketer.
                            A captain says that we're going to win, to encourage the team spirit, and fans. But they just excitied in the finals.. and "died off". that's all..




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