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New format for the Final(s)

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    New format for the Final(s)

    A lot of cricket experts have promoted the idea of having 3 game series to determine the World Champion. What do you guys think?

    The game on sunday screams in support of this idea. One side having a bad day shouldn't rob them of their due glory. Let the teams battle it out in three games and may the best team win! This will surely leave no doubt about the winner and the looser. Aside from athletic display, the organizers will make extra money from these game and thus have more incentive for organizing a three-game final!


    aahhh...again 'bad day'

    An excuse of having a bad day can take things into infinite loop...whats the guarantee that a given team won't have two bad consecutive days...and if that happens then what??? a five finals series??

    Plus would it not wear out the already exhausted contesting two teams down to the very bottom, having already been engaged in a month long ordeal!!

    a WC final should be a FINAL, not finals

    Three finals series is fine for limited teams tournaments like a triangular one


      a one match final is more exciting than
      a series and puts pressure on the teams
      two perform in a do-or-die situation.

      such pressure is the true test of a champion.


        It is true that one-game final "puts pressure on team in a do-or-die," but the other side can always claim that it wasn;t their day. Which is evident from the course of the game.

        In a multi-game final, the teams can take a little time for adjustment to the field and batting conditions. I really like the idea of having a 3-game final. I think its more exciting because these game could also come down to do-or-die situations at times and thats what sports is all about.


          knock-out games are more fun.

          If the team is truly the best it will anyway win the cup like Windies did in 75 and 79. But if there are multiple teams who are as good, anyone can and that is fair.

          I still regard SA as best ODI team irrespective of WC result. But it is not best by a mile. So I accept the result,.

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            No this format shouldn't be carried out because than they will have to make the smis into series also. Anyway it is more exciting watching a knock out game.



              It's not the same with series... everyone is watching the tv all at one time.. you have the party all preplanned not like series.. there's more excitment in yourself with knock out.. but when you lose.. it really hurts.. "if only we had another try!". Knock out is very emotional too..


                I dont think knockout is a good idea...