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should n't have kicked so hard

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    should n't have kicked so hard

    i think we can get javed bahi back in the side along with saleem bahi and wasim bahi
    and saeed bahi should start selling grips now
    should name the shop as
    "saeed ki power wali grip"
    could n't he ask for another bat
    and well yes inzi was n't out probably but what could he do there he can hardly move
    australians were flying . what was wrong with yohana
    they said we will use him in the final even before playing semi finals
    tom moody the worst cricker in the world he took wickets
    we are

    [Note: This message has been edited by MahaRaja]

    Toba toba itna ghussa

    Kafi dinno bad izhaar ka mauqa mila aap ko

    We are looooosers nahin...ya to baat apne tak rakheiN - ke I matlab you are a looser ya phir kaheiN ke ham ne loose ker diya - OK

    To kya zindagi rahi to phir khel leiN ge - insha allah


      Just wondering shezi.... did you break your tv also? What about throwing rocks at a players house? What about setting fires to dummies, and dancing around it? Just wondering.. you seem to be the "gusah" type..


        NAH man
        why should i break my TV . i did n't even who;e match . and yes madam Kafi dinno bad izhaar ka mauqa mila
        well an advice for all of you stop watching cricket as long we have these bloody bahi's in our team excluding saeed bahi and including inzi the butt head .
        and yes , i did n't burn any thing i have aleady got a few