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Imran Khan names India and Australia

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    Imran Khan names India and Australia

    Yup..I always knew Imran Khan was patriotic.
    I guess he plans on going to India soon to collect finds for his hospital...Hence the following statement :

    LONDON, June 2 (AFP) - Cricket legend Imran Khan has named India and Australia as his World Cup favourites ahead of bookies' favourites South Africa and Pakistan.

    Imran, who mastermined Pakistan's World Cup triumph in 1992, said the winner of the India-Australia second-round
    match at the Oval on Friday could go on to win the tournament.

    ''It all comes down to my cornered tiger philosophy of cricket,'' Imran wrote in the Daily Express newspaper on Wednesday.

    ''Teams who come back from the dead, who escape perilous situations, who prove they can hold their nerve when the pressure is pounding, are those who emerge in glory.

    ''India and Australia have already survived one make-or-break match ... now they confront each other in another game upon which everything depends.''

    Both India and Australia scraped through to the Super Sixes on run rate but have not retained any points from the
    first round. Neither can afford to lose on Friday if they are
    to remain in the race for the semi-finals.

    Imran led Pakistan's brilliant fightback in 1992 when his team, one defeat away from elimination, won the next four
    matches to take the title.

    ''The team which wins on Friday will have the most incredible surge of confidence from coming through this
    kind of contest,'' Imran added.

    ''Although South Africa and Pakistan are everyone's
    favourites, I would be worried in their position about the
    winners of the India-Australia match.''

    Believe In Angels.


    In 1992, Gavaskar had tipped Pakistan to win the World Cup (which they eventually did), when they were all but out of it. No one in India had accused him of not being "patriotic".


      I cant stand Imran Khan, he is such a pessimist. I hated it when he never gave any credit to Javed Miandad when Pakistan won both the Pepsi and the coca cola cup. Even now he is quite negative towards Pakistani cricketers.

      Later on


        WIth all due respect
        Zman what are you talking about???

        Imran Khan recently in karachi press confrence said clearly

        I have a huge respect for Miandad!
        and Imran never said that Javed has nothing to do with coca cola and sharjah cup!

        All he said was that captain has more influence than the coach!

        well, as a cricket player myself!
        I agree more than anyone with Imran here!

        well, I am from karachi myself!
        but to be honest karachi SAHAFIES always try to rise conflicts between Immie and Javed!

        well, i know how immie was like when he was young!
        But he is hell of a change person now!

        well, thats what as far as i believe!

        hope to see your response soon

        Asif : )
        keep smiling


          just a perdaction doesn't mean they would realy win but you know wat all the reality is none of these two team are in position to make it to semi. if not pak then its zemb


            Only one of these two can make to semis.

            If India lose to Aus. and Pak loses to SA, India has little hopes

            If Aus. lose to India and SA lose to Pak, Aus. has little hopes

            That is my guess now.

            P.S. People seem to claim that India does not have to win all three games to reach semis. But they have to win against Aus and NZ and keep good runrate. The only loss India can afford will be with Pak. On the other hand, if India loses NZ or Aus and win other two games, still they could be out.

            Here the assumption is that Zim loses all three games. Without assuming this thing there are 512 possibilities and no way to analyse.

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              Imran Khan is my kindo man! hehehe
              Simple ain't easy.



                With all due repect to the Indians on this forum..there's no way in hell that India can get to the final, let alone winning the World Cup. They dont have the talent, they dont have the team, and most of all, they dont have what it takes to compete in preassure situations against top quality teams, such as Pak and SA.

                Imran Khan may think that India has a chance but I seriously doubt his intentions. Just a few weeks ago, he was among the lot..calling for Azharuddin's head. Suddenly, he does an about basically shows why people have lost respect for him since he entered politics. He's a perfect example of a hypocrite.

                Believe In Angels.



                  May i also put a 'due respect' in please?

                  ... with all due respect, Imran knows what he is saying. To name India and Australia as the two finalists will divert all the pressure and attension away from Pakistan. Judging by the points, he's named the two least likely to win the cup ... i like his style.

                  Who knows, it could even be a Pakistan and Zimbabwe final?

                  ... And Allaah knows Best.


                    Right! Though one of them will reach semis, none of them will win cup. Both have sh*t record in wining close matches and in chasing totals.


                      Yup the most Pakistaniest of us all..Imran Khan


                        Oh no.. not this guy again. I've heard his remarks since after winning the '92 World Cup. He says the team will be nothing without him. The guy is either jelious, or just unpartriotic. Why vote for a prime minister who doesn't even support your own Cricket team?? I like Miandad always over Khan. I guess I also lost respect for him after his kid in America he had.. and left. But, why you guys listening to one person.. when the rest of them are saying different. Don't listen to him! He's just craving for attention... I hope Wasim never.. never.. turns out like him.



                          ummmmmmmmm everybody is doing a due respect!
                          hmmmmmmmm lemme put some as well!

                          with due respect,
                          with due respect,
                          with due respect,
                          with due respect,
                          with due respect,
                          with due respect,
                          with due respect x infinity

                          I Wanna Say!
                          Good Work Boyz Good Work!

                          Pakistan World Cup Jeetay Ya Na jeetay aap loog Koi *Cricket Quiz* zaroor jeet ja'oo gay!

                          Kal phir aa'ooN gi, cricket homework sahi se kar ke rakhna saab bachay!
                          Jis kow saab se ziyada knowledge hoo gi us kow....ummmm Candy naiN naiN us kow World Cup milay ga! Theeeek!

                          Ta Ta For Now!

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                            Well so much for India! Have fun Indians!

                            I hope Pakistan wins one match at least, my hunch is that they are the top and about to start the slide.




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