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Unpur Pakistani People.. make me so..... mad!!

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    Unpur Pakistani People.. make me so..... mad!!

    Read some bits of this article.. and go red yourself..

    In his hometown of Lahore, fans burned giant color posters of Pakistan captain Wasim Akram. Scores of young men danced around the flaming pictures shouting "down with Wasim".

    They also burned pictures of Ijaz Ahmed and condemned the entire Pakistani lineup.

    "These players aren't heroes, they are criminals," said Humayun Ahmed, a student at Punjab University.

    Several fans had gathered with drums and firecrackers ready to celebrate a victory. When their team lost -- some accused the players of throwing the match.

    Amina Begum, a 62 year old grandmother, condemned the team, accusing them of taking bribes.

    "We should go to the airport and greet them with eggs and tomatoes," she said.

    She ripped her colorful bangles from her arm and said "I will give them my bangles. They are not men, they played like women."

    lol, reading this makes me laugh, i don't why... but u gotta admit being "unphur" and all they sure do have some interesting ways to greet their team players.
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      Gimme a pathetic.


        Peoples Champ...salam wala yar that is bad.they should not do these kind of thing,Pakistan did good that is why it was in final,they should be shame of themself by doing this to there own Pakistani team..shame on them....