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So much for coming near it... let alone lifting it !!

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    So much for coming near it... let alone lifting it !!

    What happened??

    Just not our day... I don't think so!
    A Setup?? I can't say that...

    A wrong decision to bat first... maybe!

    This was devastating!
    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran

    Kochh bhi kaho.....
    Har soorat mein hamari badqismati


      o sadi kismat vich hi nahi si jitna loko!!!!!
      chalo koyi gal nai agli var sai!!!!
      agli var nai tey odun agli var!!!!!

      par ay kion hoya kion!!!!!!!!!!
      nai hona chahida si ay nai hona chaida si!!!!

      we loose rite but like this and then 2 those god damn white pieces of trash ausseis we lost to sum GORAS a bunch of GORAS whooped our ass like **** and we cud not do anythng!!
      piece of white ****s beat us!!!!!!!!

      chalo ay hi kismat hundi ay!!!!!!!!

      hun javan kaar maran kidrey ja key!!!!!!!!!


        Batting first was not wrong. Akram believes his bowlers more than his batsman and rightly so. He might have felt that even a score of 200-220 would be possible to defend. But 132!! How do u defend it?



          Obviously disappointing but I think we need to look at the big picture here. 6 months ago, after Aamir Sohail had succesfully lead Pakistan to consecutive defeats against Aus and Zim, Pakistan cricket was pretty much in tatters and none of us expected our team to get anywhere near the title of World Champions.

          As it is, we got to the final where we basically got thrashed. Prior to that, Was and his boys thrashed India in India.
          So I dont think it's fair to say that the team was unable to handle the preassure becos you need to cope with extraordinary preassure to beat India in India.

          I've been saying all along that Pakistan's batting starts and ends with the genius from
          Karachi, Saeed Anwar. When he gets runs, we do well, when he doesent..the team struggles.
          Ijaz and Inzamam have never contributed to a big match for the last 3-4 years. Today,
          Saeed didnt make runs..maybe he was not yet fully fit, or maybe it was a lack of concentration..thats fine. He's human!
          Moin Khan was bound to have an off-day as was Azhar Mahmood. But Ijaz and Inzamam deserve no sympathy..these guys never perform when required so I dont really have anything nice to say about those two.

          As far as Wasim goes..he's a brilliant captain and a great fighter. His batsmen let him down once AGAIN. Batting first was not tricky if you were a good enough could figure that out by watching Saeed hit those lovely boundries all over the wicket.

          So..simply..Pakistan's batting was simply poor and thats the reason we lost. Nothing else.

          Btw..I hope nobody accuses them of match fixing cos that would be pretty idiotic.
          They did well most of the tournament..but could'nt win the big one. Fine. Tough luck.
          We have to live with it.

          Believe In Angels.



            Hehehe Khuda ne Juwaari ki saza di hai