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Fore-Analysis---Final: Pak vs Aus

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    Fore-Analysis---Final: Pak vs Aus

    Your future insighted comments/fore-analysis please...

    1. Do not get emotional/nationalistic while analyzing
    2. Be sober to look through the match before it starts
    3. Act like a good umpire - who should lift the cup

    Yours Fata Morgana

    Hey guys

    I think the only way Pak might lose is if they help Australia defeat them....otherwise there is no way Australia could win.

    Interesting...both teams have won the world cup before. Australia won it at Desi land while Pak won in Australia.
    Now, Its a neutral ground....hehe I just like these kinda analysis before matches

    "Pak is a better team on paper" says Colin croft and BoSS

    For Pakistan we need a good innings from Inzi and Saeed...Ijaz can play his "tape ball" cricket too Moin ma'man is nation's hero already regardless of the outcome of the tournament.

    For Australia..its upto Shane Warne to boost their bowling attack. They have a good batting line.

    Can't wait to see the WORLD CUP FINAL 1999

    BoSS (no more Klusner *sigh* )


      Inshallah we will win if we play to our
      Hopefully we will bat first and score
      250+ and then bowl them all
      out with Shoaiby getting
      a hatrick ...... Easy



        I think it's gonna be a fantastic match..just like a World Cup final should be.

        On paper, obviously Pak are the stronger side. Our bowling is more penetrative than
        the Aussies. Mcgrath and Warne are the
        only bowlers who look like taking wickets for
        Aus. Pakistan generally play leg spinners
        very well, so I doubt whether Warne will be
        effective, unless the groudsman at Lords
        prepare a real turner.
        On the other hand, the AUS batting is consistent...though it lacks talent and flair. However, if either of the Waugh twins gets going then the AUS could get a big score. Ponting isent anything special, Gilchrist is just a slogger, and Lehmann is a joke! Bevan is allright although I think he's over rated.

        Anyhow, for Pakistan it's important once again that Saeed Anwar gets another big one.
        If he gets runs, PAK will put up a big score and I dont think the Aussies will get it. I dont think Inzamam or Ijaz will perform, however, Moin, Wasim, and Afridi could get quick runs if required later on.

        However, this time I hope Wasim wins the toss. Cos if the Aussies get around 250 and the Pakistanis have to chase in a World Cup Final at Lords...we'll..lets just say it wont be easy

        Key Performers:


        1. Saeed Anwar
        2. Wasim Akram
        3. Shoaib Akhter.


        1. Steve Waugh
        2. Mark Waugh
        3. Glenn Mcgrath.

        Believe In Angels.



          Fata Morgana...I think if Pakistan bat first..and score about 280 to 300,then we are lifting the question asked,but if australia bat first,then I will say 75% aus and 25% pakistan....but again you never know in cricket..see what happen yesterday between sa and aus..inshall keep the good hope.



            Look also for Warne. If he is really back in his old days, he is a magician. At least those who have seen his first two wickets yesterday on TV in highlights would believe that. The only thing he does not seem able to do it to bring the ball backwards. But the turn he fot yesterday was amazing. Guys vulnerable to Warne are Ijaz and Afridi.

            Of course, like any spinner, it will also depend on wicket. And if Warne can do trick so will Saqlain who is definitely better in ODI.

            Salim Malik used to be a great player of spin. But now he does not play anything well.


              "Pak is a better team on paper" says Colin croft and BoSS

              Well for starters.. don't doubt Aussies.. I've realized something about them.. if they want to win.. they'll be really strict and probably accomplish that task. They are a "strong" race, strong as in physically, mentally, cricketlly.
              But then you got Pakistan, a big will power team, with big faith. They have their ups and downs.. but they can do whatsoever if they got team spirit. They have to work as a unit.. not a one man show. If they do that.. expect a new World Cup. But remember.. let's just hope the Pakistani team doesn't go into a "must" or we're doomed.


                yup.. my prediction on ijaz and afridi was right. both have gone to warne.