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Akram: Australia struggling mentally

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    Akram: Australia struggling mentally

    Akram: Australia struggling

    Wasim Akram (left) has begun the verbal warfare Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram has stirred up feelings ahead of the World Cup final on Sunday by claiming that Australia were struggling 'mentally and physically'.

    "To have to win to get to the semi-finals and then again to get to the final must be tough.

    "It has been a lot of stress for them. If it affects anybody, it will be to our advantage."

    The Aussies have won six straight matches, including two narrow victories over South Africa and hard games against India and Zimbabwe.

    "I think Australia are a good side. It's impressive, how they have won six games in a row here. But we are mentally tougher.

    "If they are confident, then we are even more confident."

    Wasim's comments have not surprisingly been greeted with scorn by Australia captain Steve Waugh.

    "That's a laugh, isn't it? No, I think we are the toughest side going around. That's why we are the top Test side."We are a professional side,if we are mentally weak, we would have succumbed by now."

    Pakistan have a psychological advantage over Australia, having beaten them in the group stages earlier in the competition.

    Both sides have had their hands on the World Cup, Australia in 1987 and Pakistan in 1992, with the England the losing finalist on both occasions.


    Another mental game after famous 'practice match'.

    Anwar has to do well for pak to win. i donno. no predictions.


      If pakistan wins the toss,then I predict inshallah we will win...hope for the best,see what happens.




        Well, the Aussies are great talkers. And the Pakistanis have no problems whatsoever giving them a dose of their own medicine.

        Coming back to the game itself, I agree with dilse that Pakistan have a far better chance of winning if they bat first. However, in my opinion, everything regarding the batting starts with Saeed Anwar. If he's fit and he plays tomorrow, and gets runs, then Inshallah...the WC is coming back to Pakistan.

        Chow ppl.

        Believe In Angels.