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A New ray of light for ALL of you =======

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    A New ray of light for ALL of you =======

    salaam everyone

    since paki is playing like bunch of clowns. We have decided to make our own GUPSHUP team and try putting the team in ICC trophy in order to qualify for WC2002...insha allah

    I am sure we will be good enough to beat Bengalis!

    well team is as follows

    1. Pathan Bhai (18 year, genuine all rounder, superb close fielder with leadership qualities, has lot of cricket experience playing in NZ and Aus, whole Paki team has been to his home : }

    2. Dilse (age unknown, but I am sure we can get a birth certificate showing 18 year age.
    such a loyal cricket lover, loves the game from depth of his heart)

    3. ghalib ( age is unknown, very talented by the way he types, has passion for the game, can play at any number through 1 to 11)

    4. Rameesha ( its rude to ask a lady's age
    she is OK at cricket, good enough to do Wasti's job
    ie: carry drinks)

    We still are short of few players

    Plz post your profile down there
    and the respected selectors will be checking on

    Selector panel is same as the four players announced above


    My profile:
    Hum Sa: (17 year old, excellent fielder and can run really fast b/w the wickets. Spin bowling is a strong point. Aur ager zaroorat paray i can be a deadly wicket keeper)

    Can I join the team? plzzzzzzzz

    (My daddy will give u extra "tohfas" if u want)


      Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to announce new member of our side


      well Humsa congratulations to you!
      U r the youngest team member to date!

      and hey dont try to bribe us boy!
      But u r invited to dinner to my home!
      dont forget to bring your daddy and Tohfass!
      : )


        Gee....thanx so much. I guarantee u i'll play better than Afridi



          Okay you better Humsa!

          Congratulations to you!

          Anymore talent!