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WASTI or AFRIDI?!?!?!?!

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    WASTI or AFRIDI?!?!?!?!

    Well, the big game coming up!
    who do you cricket KHUWARS like me, think should get a chance for the game predicting to be a prior world cup final!

    well, my eleven is as follows!


    Its is basically the team most of you will agreed with but the question rises over AFRIDI and WASTI....the 2nd spot

    well, i reckon WASTI should get a run this time!
    He kinda deserve it!

    Afridi has an edge due to his experience and bowling skills!
    In fielding masha allah both of these young blokes are quite sharp i reckon!

    well, the reason i put WASTI in my eleven is that "Pak A" visited us here in New Zealand last year and i saw WASTI playing a knock of the paki team, scoring 210 against ND!
    I was quite impressed to see how he was dealing with the huge swings here due to overcast conditings, similar to English conditions!

    well, i reckon he should get a go!

    but yaar afridi ko nikalnay kay liyeh dil nahee manta!

    I dont know!
    I need help from you guys yaar!

    Plz do write something!

    Asif : )

    i think they afridi should play. wasti is i don't know he is more like a test player


      I'd say leave Inzi out and maybe Saeed Anwar might click. Take Wasti and Afridi both.
      Simple ain't easy.


        No, Inzi is very talented guy and can make runs in slog overs.

        Now that there is sunshine and weather has improved, and if a few catches in slips are dropped, Afridi may click.



          I'd go for Afridi. I just dont see Wasti as a one day player. And talking about getting out at slips...good ol Wasti isent a diamond either. In all his one day innings thus far, he's been caught at slip, or at gully, which means that he plays with an angled bat and hence is no better than Afridi in English conditions.

          I would do one thing though...I'd make the Potato bat as low down the order as he doesent get anywhere near

          Believe In Angels.



            I would agree with you Pathan Bhai - basically the same team as against Australia. Afridi has had his chances and failed all of the time. We need some one to hold the innings together.

            Inzi is a bad running but is too valuable a player to drop from the team or to put lower down the order.


              Pathan Bhai,

              I agree with your selection masha'allaah, but i am in the same dilemma as your good self - Wasti sahab ya Afridi sahab?

              PS - btw yaar, if you know Peshawar, i need your help in a thread i've opened on 'general' forum, if you don't mind? thanks

              Kind regards



                I guess they'll be making a mistake if they play Shoaib against S.Africa. This guy yet needs to produce swing in his delivery. Just fast pitch ain't gonna do any good specially against S.Africa. These people are awesome playing fast bowlers. They can take on Shoaib rather easily. I'd prefer Waqar over Shoiab. He's got lot more swing, and thats what we need. For Afridi, I guess toss him out man, he's becoming a liability


                  I hope somebody kills ijaz before the match so that there is no excuse left for playin him

                  I think they shud go with wasti and afridi both .. afridi always has a chance to score while wasti ... tho africans dunno much o him ... again he's a good seam player but on the slow side .. n dunn we have mian razzaq to do all that

                  Ijaz if played will be the first ball victim of pollock .. if not then ..err .. wont make it thru 1 over !!



                    I'll say take IJAZ out and yeah put both wasti and afridi in.... may be they will perform better side by side...
                    And Saleem Malik should definately be out !!!


                      Yousuf is hurt with a hamtring injury and I doubt he will be able to play in the next match.
                      That would leave a spot for Shahid.


                        In that case who will open? Wasti or Afridi? Unless team management takes Salim Malik to give stability to middle order whatever it means.

                        My opinion. Let Wasti and Afridi open and push Anwar down the order.




                          How can you push your best player down the order? Saeed is the best batsman in the team and he's an opener. He's always opened the innings...and is more comfortable coming in at No: 1. Loss of form does not mean that he should be put down the order.

                          I dont even think he's out of form anymore because he's middling the ball well...he keeps getting out while trying to play shots to increase the run rate..which means the person at the other end, be in Afridi or not doing his job.

                          I'm not a Wasti fan. I'd give Afridi a kick up the butt and tell him to get serious..cos with Afridi and Wasti..either getting out quickly or crawling...Saeed is under extra preassure and thats not what Pak need.

                          Believe In Angels.



                            I think in one day international, every player should be allowed to play 30 balls(5 overs). Play 30 balls to thier maximum runs and then get out or make place for the next one.


                              Above suggestion is unacceptable for the people like me who are from the times of Richards, Gavaskar, Miandad and Border.You can imagine what any of them would think to see Jaysuria or Afridi batting, worse, as a opener.

                              We luv true cricket, which should ideally go for five days with 150 runs scored per day, and yielding no result in the end. We were very disappointed when ODI's came and if people like u change it further, I will rather play baseball.