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    Quote of the World Cup ...


    Even though i was a little dissapointed that Pakistan lost to Bangladesh, after reading last night what Wasim said after the match, i'm still wearing a grin on my face.

    Following his acknowledgement that Pakistan played poorly and Bangladesh played very well, Wasim said: "I'm happy that we lost to our brothers."

    Masha'Allaah, Allaah ous kee oumar daraas karhai. Ameen.


    yaar Husnain bhai first of all allah aap ki umar daras karay!

    masha allah kiya naam paya hay aap nay janaab!

    my fav. quote is inzi when camera picked him asking umpire


    That was bloody hilarious!

    Inzi is a funny guy isn't he!
    about an official quote!

    If you wanna make sure that Pak and BD game was fixed than i got a quote for you that make sure the game was fixed!

    Remember straight after the toss the bengali captain said

    " we will be pleased with score like 220-230 and will try to defend it"

    well BD hasnt even scored over 190 against SCOTS
    so how the hell can he straighaway aim for 220-230 against likes of saqqi and wassi and wicki!

    well this assures that the game was fixed
    and they knew what they were going to score!

    what do you bro's think!

    well, i have told this point to more than 20 - 30 ppl and most of them tend to totally agree with me!

    well well well
    all the best to our undefeated team!

    : }

    cant wait till pak kicks india's butt at old trafford though