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Now.....Aren't they vulnerable???????

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    Now.....Aren't they vulnerable???????

    Since their last night performance shows that
    a) Their batting is mediocre and much hyped Afridi!.....meree gully kay buchchay uss say uchaa kailtay hain. Aur main???.......hes nowhere near me buss kismet kay khel dekho, humm gully main aur woh......
    b) Fielding.....They fumble n stumble in the field and seldom hold onto the ball.....lugtaa hai koi bhee siraat-e-mustaqeem pay nahin chultaa with few course.
    c) Running between the wicket, miserable. No coordination n harmony at all.
    d) Bowling though weve got good fast bowlers but technique comes before speed and Shoaib is quite an emotional character, isnt he and in cricket juzbaat leads to chowkay n chukkay.
    Now if any of us think that such a vulnerable side can win the world cup then .......utho bhai Lahore aaa gaya hai.

    How the hell can you say such things about my HEROES owe!

    u guys are such a typical brain!

    wohee same thinking!
    Bloody no one appreciates how they have kicked everybody's ass!
    and now they just gave a game away which doesnt mean anything to them and everyone started barking!

    shows how backward and cheap our sportsman brain is!

    this is SAD

    pathan bhai is sad : (


      A maja from Bhai phairoo .. chants as afridi comes to the crease and says ... ub to dekhna chikay hee chikay .. hehe .. i dunno wat to say to the poor fella .. but cricket is a lot different game than it appears on the screen ..

      Afridi .. well he's not a batsman .. atleast an opener ... i was happy when he showed some improvement last year .. but neh .. he still is a liability!

      Anwar .. fav. o mine .. but not the best !

      Ijaz .. nazar to ayey mujhay kahin to mein ...??

      inzi .. no runnin skills .. lot of talent though !

      malik .. $%#@%&*& .. sure is not good enuf!

      oh ok .. so wheres our batting .. youhana well hes a youngster .. nothing to lose ..plays well .. azhar good seam player .. akram unpredictable .. moin the player there is ... saqlain greatest spinner in cricket ..

      The point is we have no batting and all the matches we have one have been primarily due to our bowling and unless something radically changes .. i hate to say ... semi finals will be our last abode in WC!!



        ppl got very short memory just cuz pak lost one game they all started talking bad about the whole team. you all forgot about everything else all the victoris they have got in recent past.
        SA lost there fan didn;'t make any commonts.
        afridi will be the hero in supersix.

        I Love afridi


          Alright stop it!!!!

          One bad performance does not make us a bad side. The team just looked unmotivated and Bangalis wanted the game more than we did. However, we must ponder the consistency of our team's batting and fielding and be objective about it. In my opinion, and it's just my opinion, our lads only play to the level of their competition. The lousy the opposition, the lousier our performance. I agree, Afridi is a great slogger but not an opener. He should come in at maybe # 6 or 7. Think about this for a second, how well do we really do chasing a score?
          The best match of the tournament will be Pak V. India. Let's keep the faith.

          Be Happy!!!


            Guys, I wrote it yesterday and I am writing it again that Pak team is the greatest. Winning and loosing is the part of the game. Bangladeshi players played with full energy and strength becasue they are trying to get the test cap so they are working hard. Pak team took it very relaxed so we lost. Congratulations to Bangladeshi brothers and sisters and encourages to Pak team. I am sure our team would show its historical performance in the up coming games.


              Afridi is hot-headed but he is a winner.
              Someone with the best technique in the world will not succeed without guts. Afridi scored a big hundred in India when the pressure was on.

              He has got out to mainly stupid shots so far in the world cup. Who is going to replace him? Wasti is not tested and if he was going to be considered he should have been given more exposure by now.

              Definitely Afridi should play the next two matches. Against SAfrica to test his technique and against India because he has a great record against them. If he still fails then we should consider replacing him.


              Pakistan has a history of losing unimportant matches. Let's win the ones that matter.


                Niazi sahib Welcome back

                some valid points..but lez keep the faith and trust the so called professionals I see our chances pretty good this time.

                keep in touch bud!