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    Come on!

    How come this topic can't get a break? Indian Muslim wrestlers used to
    dominate the scene, and wrestling was the number one sport for hundreds
    of years! Now there isn't even a single
    webpage on the internet about it or the
    legends of the past, and young people seem
    to have decided to completely ignore it.

    Does anyone know about when the British champion Assirati came to fight
    Bholu, and was thrown in minutes by Akram, age 19? Then in front of
    40,000 people, Aslam then slammed Assirati unconscious?

    In 1967 Aslam Pehalwan journeyed to Europe to face the continents top
    men, and easily defeated Gordienko and Vachon, two men feared by
    America's "show" champs?

    In 1940, Rahim Bux at age 76 wrestled and defeated the American

    In 1928, Gama defeated western champion Zbyszko in 4 seconds with a

    In 1910 Gama defeated the American B.Roller by taking him off his feet
    13 times in 15 minutes?

    The social snobbery that has hurt wrestling must end! It is a sport
    with the greatest tradition in Pakistan is the source of legend. One
    day, it must return to the level of former greatness, with Indian
    Muslim's being the greatest wrestlers in the world all over again!