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Lankans out???

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    Lankans out???

    It seems likely. Chasing 374, Lankans are now 111/4 in 22 overs, i.e. they need to score with run rate of 9.4 per over. Does not seem likely. But de Silva may make century.

    Ganguly could not break Anwar's record of 194 or Kirtsen's WC record of 188 but could break Kapil's Indian record of 175. Kapil's record was in more difficult conditions.

    ZZ Mian:

    I am following the game and you're right yaar... its kind outta league for S.L.

    Whats up with India's batting line up?? they've scored over 300 in the past two matched....


      Dropping SRT down the order seems to have helped. England has not been kind to openers and losing SRT starts panic. It helps in one more way. Ganguly/dravid did not face Vikramasinghe but Upasantha in early overs cuz captain wanted to save him for first change.

      I guess they will continue this strategy. If there is any life/ moisture in wicket, SRT will be no. 4 and if here is a good sunshine and flat pitch he'll open.

      Kenya and Lanka are not good bowling attacks. But Indians also made 250+ against SA. That was not bad with Pollock and Donald and Klussner.


        I don't think there's any serious problem with India's batting, just their attitude. In any case I don't remember when we last won a match comfortably without any hiccups (disregard Kenya please). So I won't be surprised if our team gives us a few anxious moments before winning this one.

        One Question : Is SriLanka definitely out of the tournament if they lose this one ?


          SL almost definitely out. The only possibility is if India loses to England by a whopping margin and also Zim losing SA by a big margin. Lanka has worst run rate now. It will become worse after this game. Very unlikely to come back.

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            One thing, I've always wondered.. who are the Sri Lankans??? Are they a minor team? or a test team? are they true World Champions? Sri Lanka's batting performance was not that bad.. but their bowling was HUMILIATING but hey, I'm not a Sri Lankan.. what do I care about them for. So.. who gots their bets.. who'll be 2nd and 3rd for Group A??? Although I feel sorry for the person in 3rd, because they have to win 2/3 matches in the Super Six! HAHAHA suckers.. But the bottom line is South Africa will win it all.. opps.. my mistake I mean Pakistan

            Pakistan will win the World Cup, INSHALLAH! Wasim Akram for prez