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Pakistan won!!

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    Pakistan won!!

    A real nail biter..

    One of the best game in along while. Hats off to australia for putting up a big fight.


    My hero.. Wasim did it again. Proved to those.. whatever they call themselfs.. Aussies that we can beat them anywhere.. anytime.. anyplace... PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!! Oh and did you see Steve Waugh's face.. after Shoaib got him out.. haha stupid ass. Thanks for comming out..
    New Zealand.. your next.. BEWARE...



      Terrific game. Saeed Anwar looked like he was real close to finding his touch..25 off just 23 balls, with 5 boundries....a good knock by Inzamam, and a gutsy performance by Abdur Razzaq. This kid is really amazing.
      Moin Khan, 31 off just 12 balls and Yousef Youhanna, 29 off 13 balls...tore Mcgrath and Co apart.
      I thought the umpiring was pathetic..AGAIN.
      Steve Waugh was plumb in front to
      Shoaib Akhter, and Bevan was caught off an inside edge by Moin off Razzaq, and both times, Rudi Koertzen didnt give them out.
      From the pictures coming through, and the stump microphones, it looked as if there was
      a lot of sledging going on from both sides.
      I guess the Pakistanis were just returning the favor. And the Australians, really
      should'nt be whining. They seem quite
      prepared to dish it out, and should have the guts to take some as well!
      Anyhow, terrific game. Both sides played real hard. Easily the best game of the cup, thus far.

      Ps...Get rid of Wasti..he sucks!

      Believe In Angels.



        WHAT A GAME!!!

        Good one yaar!
        Hurrah for Pakistan!! we ROCK!!!!!

        Inzimam and Wasim... YESSS!!!!!
        For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran



          zabardhust match ... sub ko mubarak ho
          aur jee, hum bohot zyada rock kartey hain !!!

          kind regards

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            We let those "4!!!! Aussies really HAVE It!!

            The BEST match by far....

            lekin why isn't WAQAR playing

            Imagine this bowling attack:

            Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib, Saqlain...aur Abdul Razzaq...WOW!!!

            I think now we're UNSTOPPABLE!!!



              Wahey to us Pakistani's. That was really a great match yesterday. Well done to everyone. I was very near to losing my voice with all the cheering and stressing.
              Meri ek cheekh se to Abbu bhi jaag uthe thay

              Good Luck to us For Friday



                What a game guys..mashallah we did great..we will go all the way like Yankees did...go for it baby...

                Jevey Jevey Jevey Pakistan
                Pakistan Pakistan mera Pakistan
                lalala lalala lalala la



                  Okay ..alright ... i agree pak has done well but what the hell!! ... is there a single batsman ..and yeh i mean a single one right now who you could say wud perform at the same merit as againt aus ..huh ... my man wud be moin khan .... the rest of the line up sucks right now ... just when saeed was startin to erupt he holed out ... this is not the team that can go all the way man .. nehh!!!


                    Folks remember this....? Ah, those were the times...!!!

                    Final mein na sahi.. we did beat them in the preliminary round... Lets hope, we can do it again.. and this time, for a change go all the way through and life the cup.

                    Moral of the Story: We can WIN!
                    "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


                      I was there at the time, that's why I didn't post. It was a great match and the atmosphere was truly electric


                        Wasim and Saeed were at their peak back then and we had Moin. I'm not quite sure whether some of our players can reach those heights again but I think we've got enough for one last tilt.


                          Plz go back further in time, then you'll get a good indicator of current form. :rotfl"

                          Why bring this OLD topic back up-its started in 1999!


                            Pak-Australia match in the next world cup coming up. Duh! :~)
                            "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


                              *sigh* i even taped the match between Pak and New Zealand and watched the last scene about ten time when the New Zealand guy was supposed to catch the ball but he ended up saving himself from the crazy public.