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WWF Superstar OWEN HART dead!! :((

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    WWF Superstar OWEN HART dead!! :((

    After match 2 they did some promos then after that they were supposed to start match 3 but JR said something seriously wrong has happened.
    He said Owen(Blue Blazer) was supposed to come down from the ceiling for his entrance.He said apparently the harness or something broke and i guess Owen fell to the mat or wherever.JR said this was as real as real can be.I dont know if its a work or not cause they never did show it actually happen.JR just said that they werent going to put it on television because of the serious matter that it is.JR said this was not a wrestling angle and it was not part of the story line.Cameras would never show what happened.I guess this would be just like when Sting comes down from the rafters,so when Owen did it,he fell.Ill keep you updated througout the rest of the ppv.
    Kevin kelly went to the back to interview JJ and Debra about their match.. JJ couldnt hardly do the interview and said we were praying for you Owen.

    After the 8 man elimination match JR said he had the unfortunate duty to tell the fans that Owen hart has died after his fall.
    This cant be. I was in total SHOCK!!!

    Owen was one of my favorites.. (((
    #@$% this..


    Really sad. The Harts are loved like no others here in Canada. Prayers go out to his family.


      Yeh he was an outstanding athlete !
      I remember him from his days in the High Energy tag team .... and later i guess his time with bulldog was the epic of his career!

      A very tragic loss indeed