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England lose, Lankans win

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    England lose, Lankans win

    That leaves competition in group A wide open.

    How could my favorite match of the round robin been so horrible!!! I was all ready for it.. and 2 wickets in 3 overs. Then England loses by 122 runs. What the #@$&!?? Oh well.. let's hope tomorrow's game isn't cheap. I love those close matches by top teams.

    Group A huh.. well we all know who's clinched 1st in that, but the question is, who owns 2nd and 3rd?? Any team can come out of no where and win the 3rd spot. But I still think 2nd spot will be taken by the English, because they just had a bad day probably because of the F.A. Cup, and thought no one was supporting them. Oh Manchester Won!!! YES!!! anywayz.. England will enter the Super Six with a 4-1 record, with Zimbabwe with a 2-3 record (lose from England, one lose to SL, then RSA). But.. India will also be 2-3 but with a lower net run rate, to settle them at 4th.

    Group B, oh yeah, my Pakistan lives there. Taking first spot is either the Kiwi's or Paki's.. hhhmmmm.. if Pakistan beats the Aussies tomorrow, I garentee they'll beat the Kiwi's for 1st. Following Pakistan would be New Zealand 4-1 (lose to Pak), then Australia 3-2 (lose to Pakistan, and NZ).

    If Pakistan get's 1st in their group that'll help them a lot in the Super Six with a few points to help them out if a lose. But the third place team would be in termoil throughout...

    Wait we forgot to laugh at India, because their neighbors Sri Lanka, beat Zimbabwe and India didn't beat them.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


      If I remember the rules right, only games against teams that reached super-six stage will count when there is a question who will reach semis from super six. In other words, win with scotland will count while going to super six, but going from super six to semis, win against scots will be irrelevent.


        England truly sucks Ha ha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahanywayz. After the won those two matches their captain wuz bull****ing bout dem being #3 on th fav list instesd 0f #4 and pakiz r pose 2 be #4 not # 3

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they r truly pittiful

        like i say at home

        england ki to taatti nikal gayi vi bhi sub key samney
        ha ha ha ha ha ha