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Cricket World Cup I dont Understand

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    Cricket World Cup I dont Understand

    Hi everyone

    First of all a late Congrats to us all for the Sunday match Mubaarkan all round.
    I just wanted to know that from the squad that has been selected from the world cup is there a fixed set of 11 players that have to be used in every match or can they have any 11 out of the 15 for each match

    And why wasn't Waqar Younis playing on Sunday
    I haven't seen him play in ages and I miss it

    Anyway I would appreciate some explanation on this one. The weather in England is not too good at the moment but hopefully it will clear up before Thursday when InshaAllah Scotland will get thrashed by Pakistan.

    Thanx in advance


    salaam Shabnam jee,

    Aap ko be mubarak ho.

    Any 11 from the squad of 15 can be selected before the match. However, the team of 11 need to be announced a few hours before each match (i think it's 2 or 3 hours, but i'm not quite sure).

    Umm ... as for Waqar bhai, he's not as of yet match fit, as he injured himself a few months ago. As a result, he is also a liitle short on match practice, but Insh'allaah he'll be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed soon.

    I'm sure someone else can fill you in with more detail ...


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      Salaam Shabnam Jee

      Any of the 15 players are able yo play.
      It is up to the captain and selectors
      to choose the Best 11.
      It also depends on the condition
      of the pitch !!!

      good Luck on Thurs.....



        Waqar twisted his ankle during nets prior to the game against the West Indies, so he was not fully fit. However, even if he was fit, he would not have played because Wasim Akram wants Abdul Razzaq in the side and rightly so. Razzaq can bat and bowl, as he showed lat Sunday. Besides, I think Waqar's on his way to the old age home

        Believe In Angels.



          Salaam Hasnain , Sallama and ManiaX

          Thankx alot guys for your replies. I appreciate it. Maniax you are right about Razzak being good but I don't think Waqar has had his fair share of play in order to retire. He was once an ace bowler and it would be nice to see the same sort of action from him again. It's a pity his health should stand in his way...injuries can be a very demoralising thing especially when they affect ones career.

          Anyway Thankyou all once again - and good luck to our wonderful team for tommorow

          Allah Hafiz



            mubarak all around 4 da phenomanal(9not sure bout da spelling) pakistani win and da most amaizing hilarious and pitifull india's loss.

            my dady told me da rezon Waqar int playing is that they have to find the right wickets for him, when they paly a match on the wickest he does good on hell be there and plus da injury part too.

            And the goras are such A##hol$% can u believe it, u know the reason they had the
            WC so early in this weather cuz they know us Asian "da bomb" ppl cant play good in cold weather and they can. They just gave themselves and advantage, and as we can all c its helping them out pretty damn good!!

            we still da best



              HOE R YALL

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